Living Greyhawk Redux

Across the Border

Set in the Lands of Iuz

You started out in Traft, where you were approached and asked to consider undertaking a mission of immense danger in the lands of the Old One. You travelled to Redoubt, a border garrison in Furyondy, in order to meet with an enigmatic person known only as “The Shade.”
(see here for the location of Redoubt – it’s just South of Crockport on the Northern border of Furyondy).

In Redoubt, you were met by the Shade late at night. She told you that she worked for an organisation devoted to bringing about the fall of the Old One. They had an operative inside Dorakaa who needed help escaping the town, and you were requested to rendezvous with them, and get them out of the land. Posing as crooked merchants, you were to approach the Northern outskirts of Dorakaa, rendezvous with Felkas there, and then get him out of Iuzian lands.

You began by meeting a grey olve, Bowsong, in the forests of the Vesve. He provided a wagon, complete with hidden compartment, and various goods. From there, you travelled into Iuzian lands.

Your first encounter with Iuzian forces was just past the border of the Vesve. You bribed a patrol to allow you safe passage through the lands. Your next encounter was an attack by a couple of ogres and worgs, along with a wizard. Ensuring that there were no survivors, you travelled onwards, looking for a place to rest for the evening, away from the site of the attack. You came across a hillock with a door and light, looking like somebody inhabited it, but wisely kept on moving.

Next, you came to the Dulsi river. Your intelligence was that there would be a ford there, but instead, you found a garrison defending a bridge. After making a fool of himself, you ended up paying a generous bridge toll, and kept on moving. Unbeknownst to you, you were followed by a quasit here, who figured you couldn’t possibly be who you said you were (or as dumb as you looked).

The next few day were quiet, as you trundled across the Desolate Plains, heading towards Dorakaa. On the third day of the monotony, a roiling storm in the form of a skull engulfed you, and you did battle with incorporeal undead. It was here that Kendrik learned that he can actually turn undead.

Rolling along further, you made it to the outskirts of Dorakaa. Here, you waited for your contact to show up, and pretended to be undertaking wheel repairs in the meantime. After a couple of hours, Felkas showed up, but was being pursued by a team of Iuzians. Here, the quasit chose to reveal itself, and joined the attackers. You managed to defeat most of the Iuzians, but the quasit got away, and will undoubtedly report to his fell masters in the Old One’s city.

After the attack, you hid Felkas in the secret compartment, and retreated from the Old One’s lands as fast as possible. A few days later, and you were back in the Highfolk town of Verbeeg Hill. Here, Felkas told you of what he had found – abominations wreathed in flames, made from the flesh of the dead, and with deadly powers. The Shade gratefully thanked you for your help, and turned you on your way. There will be more to this, you are sure.

XP: 1200 each. Jarik levels to 7, the rest of you are still at least two adventures away (depending on how generous I’m feeling).
GP: 1080 from direct sales of the proceeds of crime.


  • Gloves of the Slaver (500 gp in value)
  • Wand of Web (9 charges left) (810 gp in value)
  • Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (300 gp in value)
  • Lesser Bonerod (3 charges) (1350 gp in value)



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