Living Greyhawk Redux


Set in the Lands of Iuz

While Brottor went to the wild to summon the Buckinator, the rest of you were hired by a merchant to guard their caravan on a journey to Needlebough, near the border between the Empire of Iuz and the Shield Lands. Jaedric and Halon, his bodyguard, were rather glum company, and it rained continuously on the journey. Close to Needlebough, Jaedric wanted to push on through the night in order to get a hot meal and a warm bed. Halon was not so sure, and his reluctance was understandable when the wagon hit a rut and broke the axle. You spent another unpleasant night, and hoped to get on to Needlebough the next day.

The rain let up for what seemed the first time in weeks the next morning, and although it was foggy and grey, the four of you trudged on to Needlebough in order to purchase a new axle. Jaedric and Halon stayed behind with the wagon. Arriving in Needlebough, you found a scene of devastation. In the middle of the small hamlet, nailed to a post, was a dead elf. Attached to him was a parchment, from which a magical mouth appeared, warning you that death had come to this village, stay at your own peril.

In the village were a number of buildings. One was a house, burnt to cinders. Another was a temple, you determined of Farlanghan and Trithereon; a holy symbol to each remained in their own piles of fine ash. On the altar in the temple was what appeared to by a dead young child eunuch with milky red eyes, greyish skin, and leathery black wings. A magical band was around its neck. None of you were sure what this thing was. The wagoner’s shop had a man frozen in horror, made completely out of ash. Being careful not to touch him, you found a wagon axle and moved on. Another building was an inn. Inside, a longsword was stuck in the ground, and a white apron covered another pile of ash. You found nothing alive in the inn, but you did recover a finely made silvered dagger. Another building was the general store, which appeared to be devoid of life, but fully stocked, except for thunderstones. Some of you thought that you could loot some stuff from here, but a dwarven ghost appeared as you tried to exit, and demanded payment. You chatted to the ghost for a bit, trying to convince him that he was dead, but to little avail.

There were two other locations of interest in the town. The first was a track leading out of town, and the second was a smouldering pile of wood. You decided to investigate the pile of wood first. You spied three dead bodies in the pile here, and as Kendrik moved closer to inspect them, his eyes locked with a glowing pair of red eyes, and he turned to stone. Fortunately for the rest of you, you managed to slay the basilisk there without any other casualties. You decided to head back to the wagon to see if the merchants had something to fix the “turned to stone” condition, dragging Kendrik along with you, but leaving the axle behind (as collateral). You were fortunate that the merchants did indeed have a scroll of Break Enchantment, which restored Kendrik, and then you headed back to the hamlet to fetch the axle and explore the track. Down the track, you found a semi-insane man called Fischer, a trapper, who had somehow survived the attack on the village, through the use of thunderstones and holy water, he claimed. You headed back to the town, grabbed the axle, and went back to the wagon, delivering your report on the situation to Jaedric and Halon, and convinced them to turn around and leave. They agreed to do so, departing the next day, for it was already late at that point.

That night, however, you were attacked by two men. Luckily, Kendrik had the willpower to withstand their sleep arrows, at least, the first two, and raised the alarm. Dealing with the would be murderers, you found that one of them had a map to the secret lair. In the morning, you trudged off to find it.

At the secret lair, little more than a hovel in a hillside, you found two rooms. One had cages and a pair of bedrolls. Gildon managed to find a secret compartment containing a spellbook. In the other room, was a folding table, chair, bedroll, and chest. Gildon searched the chest for traps before opening it, but it still exploded in his face, and the papers that were inside became ash instantly. All that remained of value in the chest were a few coins.

Heading back to the wagon, you came across Jaedric, Halon and Fischer tied to the wheels, being interrogated by a wizard. As you approached, two children with milky red eyes and black leathery wings, wreathed in flames stepped out to attack you. Sitting on -9 hitpoints became a popular holiday spot, but eventually you prevailed. Fischer wanted to stay in his village, and so you, along with Jaedric and Halon, headed back to Rookroost (large town in the area).

After a final meal together, Jaedric finally dropped his persona, and admitted that the Shade had recommended you, and offered thanks from that elusive “organisation”. As thanks, he left three wooden chips on the table. At this point, you suspect you may have seen some of the creatures that Felkas informed you about, after your foray close to Dorakaa.

XP: 1120 xp each, mostly from the final combat, +20 xp Kendrik
GP: 1972

  • MW Silvered Dagger
  • 2 potions of Heroism
  • 1 potion of CMW
  • A Pendant of Breath (valued at 1500 gp)
  • A Spellbook (valued at 3600 gp, sells at cost, because wizards are greedy)

Other Stuff:



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