Living Greyhawk Redux

Shedding Scales

Set in Keoland

The morning started well, but you soon found yourselves confronting a street brawl in the docks area of Schwarztenbruin. Of course, you were just trying to help out the nice Lydians who were being unfairly victimised by the local populace. Alas, Kendrik was not present to enjoy the enclave of women that the temple of Lydia represented. Ah well.

They wondered if you’d be interested in escorting some children to a school down in Keoland. Taking up the offer of employment, you got to see the Krestingtrek from one end to the other, cross across Ket, Bissel, and the Gran March, before finally almost arriving at Redlee Manor. Of course, about a day out, you were attacked by griffons, one of whom almost captured and flew off with the orphan Ianta. It appeared that the griffons were being controlled in some way, using silver bands as a focus. At Redlee Manor, you were told the story of the children’s missing eyes by Stoakdor Redlee Neheli. He requested that you investigate a complex within the swamp, which he felt might be the location of one of the pairs of eyes.

In the swamp, you found a dying kobold. Healing him, he revealed himself as Tajlo, Paladin of the Tallbane Tribe. He bade you visit his village, which was little more than holes in the ground. You found out that the kobolds here are in possession of a blue/black stone artifact of incredible power. The Chief of the kobolds bade you return once you found stuff at the temple complex, and he may allow you to bask in the presence of the artifact.

At the temple complex, you found some centipedes which really offered no resistance. You also found a large blue/black slab. Most of the complex had collapsed into a crater, however, and there wasn’t much left to see. A single passageway entered, with text flowing all along the walls. However, nobody could read it, and so you just followed the passageway. A trap down the bottom hurt everyone, before the coridoor opened up into a chamber. There was not much in the chamber, except that a strange doorway completely blocked by black stone had more text around it. Deciding to go back out to rest so that Illene could prepare a Comprehend Languages spell, the party was attacked by a fell minotaur and a harpy. Narrowly defeating the duo, you returned to the kobold village.

At the kobold village, the chieftain happily received the blue/black stone slab, and allowed everybody to bask within the presence of the artifact. Various things happened, and Oak came out a little more eloquent at the expense of his intelligence.

Returning to Stoakdor, he listened to your report, and informed you that his divinations have suggested that more may be found in the land of Black Ice, and that he would contact you if he found out enough to mount an expedition there.

XP: 900 to Oak, Brottor, Illene and Jarik
Gold: 1000gp

Items Gained:

  • Oak’s bow was enchanted to +1


  • Jarik, Brottor, Oak and Illene received the Stigma of the Serpent from meditating in the presence of the artifact.



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