Living Greyhawk Redux

Tail's End

Set in Laufgen

XP: 4680 XP to Brottor, Illene, Maethil and Jarik (-200 spent by Brottor)
GP: -20,600 (after two True Resurrection spells!)

  • Anklet of Translocation (Jarik)
  • Badge of Valor (Gildon)
  • Armbands of Might (Maethil)
  • Ring of Counterspells (Jarik)
  • Vest of Resistance +2 (Jarik)
  • Circlet of Rapidcasting


  • From travelling into the swamp, you are all Swamp Touched
  • You have Stood up for the Little Folk
  • You have destroyed the source of Raticus’ Clones (or so you think). Having taken a little rat head each as a trophy, you hope that you have seen the last of the rodent.
  • Laufgen is in your debt. They welcome you to come back any time you wish, with open arms. They promise that next time, you won’t have to solve their problems for them!



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