Living Greyhawk Redux

The Hus Factor

Set across Perrenland

XP: 5040 to Brottor, Jarik and Maethil, 6435 to Illene. Brottor spent 400 XP on spells.
GP: +50 gp loots. Today was all about the loot. Hang on, no, the plot! Oh, I guess you can have your 30,000 gp pension payments effective immediately…

  • Pearls of Power, Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Greater Boots of the Mountain King
  • Wilding Clasp
  • Collar of Healing


  • After their time together to date, Brottor has offered to adopt Jarik as his brother. Accepting, Jarik has gained the surname of “Rumnaheim”.
  • All present received a Land Grant
  • All present received Perren’s Boon
  • For sacrificing the being of pure good “For the greater good”, you each have a heavy Weight Upon Your Soul



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