Hammy the Hamster

An awakened hamster. After Brottor awakened him, he gave him to the guardianship of Jarik.


Hammy was awakened by Brottor and presented as a companion to Jarik, who named him. Hammy finds his new situation a little odd, but takes it in stride. With his newfound intellect, he is determined to master as much knowledge as he can. At camp, he spends his time reading through Jarik’s books and notes. He is a natural with languages, and has quickly mastered quite a few.

He enjoys Jarik’s company, but thinks Jarik is a little dimwitted sometimes. He rides on Jarik’s shoulder, but makes what he calls a “tactical retreat” inside his armor at the first sign of trouble. He enjoys debating religion with Jarik—-Hammy is skeptical of the whole thing, but finds it interesting and a bit amusing.

Hammy the Hamster

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