A magical silver longsword

weapon (melee)

This silver longsword looks to be a well-made, serviceable weapon with a slight curve to the blade. Every so often, when light plays upon the blade’s gleaming surface, it looks as though there’s a mist swirling about inside. The weapon radiates an aura of faint magic, but when used in combat, the user takes a –2 to hit and damage (total damage modifier is –3 due to the silvery nature of the weapon) with it. It is still considered magical and silver for purposes of bypassing damage reduction. When held, this weapon allows the holder to comprehend the Ur-Flanne spoken language but does not convey literacy or an understanding of Ur-Flanne written script. Also, the bearer of this weapon gets an unsavory taste in his/her mouth whenever within sight of a creature known to be of the earth subtype. The bearer of Boonbane is unable to part with the weapon; no matter what, it returns to the bearer 24 hours after being discarded. It cannot be sold.

Price: Unknown



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