A cursed rapier

weapon (melee)

Down in the tunnels beneath Schwartzenbruin, the party fought a battle against Karl Hussen’s troops. When the bodies were looted, Brottor found a curious rapier, which became his bane.

This rapier functions as a +2 rapier, apart from the curse it bears. The first person to pick up this cursed weapon following the death of its previous owner is the unlucky next victim of its curse. Whenever a character misses an attack with the item, he or she must make a successful Reflex save (DC 20) or immediately attack one friend anywhere within the character’s reach, provoking an attack of opportunity from the character’s original target. After a week in the character’s possession, the rapier always forces the owner to employ it when engaged in melee combat, rather than any other weapon. The rapier’s owner automatically draws and fights with it, even if he or she meant to draw or ready with some other wewapon. It can only be gotten rid of by means of limited wish, wish, or miracle (which will render the rapier non-magical, leaving it as a masterwork item) or through death (the curse is broken if the character is raised).

In Brother Mine, Brottor managed to convince a rust monster to eat Friendslayer, thus releasing him from its curse.



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