Hart of the Khund

+1 holy, adamantine dwarves waraxe

weapon (melee)
  • +1
  • holy (good, +2d6 vs. evil)
  • glows when any servant or follower of Iuz is within 1000 feet
  • wielder must WILL save (DC 17; this is a magical effect) when encountering any servant or follower of Iuz or attack. One successful save applies to all followers and servants of Iuz in the area and applies for 1 minute.

Hart of the Khund
+1, holy, adamantine dwarven waraxe

This weapon is inscribed with both dwarvish runes (spelling the weapon’s name in Dwarvish) and the coat of arms of the Knights of the Hart. Originally forged in the Khundholm after it was retaken by dwarves of Perrenland, the weapon received its name when it was sanctified in Furyondy by a Knight of the Hart, binding the Knights and the Khund in common purpose: opposing Iuz and his forces. The runes glow whenever the weapon is within 1000 feet of any servant or follower of Iuz. When the wielder of this weapon encounters any such creature, he must overcome the weapon’s innate magical desire (will save DC 17) or attack. A successful save lasts for 5 minutes and applies to all servants and followers of Iuz in the area.

Hart of the Khund

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