A legendary type of pot rumoured to be found in Perrenland


For at least two hundred years, rumours and stories have been circulating around Perrenland about the Khóndkhanen – the Pots of Knowledge. No one has actually seen a genuine Khóndkhan, although many have claimed to unearthed one in the mountains that surround Perrenland. The Khóndkhanen supposedly date back to the time of the Ur-Flannae, and are told to be powerful magical items. The stories tell of untold knowledge contained in the vessels, knowledge that would make the owner richer and more powerful than they could possibly imagine. Some legends indicate that the pots contain trapped demons that are forced to give aid to the pot’s owners. Others say that the Khóndkhanencontain the trapped souls of powerful wizards – or worse.

The stories of the Khóndkhanenarose over two hundred years ago when an old man, known only as Gektovnar, hunted around the Yatil Mountains to the south of Krestible looking for the pots. Many people were afraid of the old man, thinking that he would place a curse on them if they did not help him in his quest. For many years, Gektovnar roamed the mountains, occasionally coming into a town or a village for supplies. The only thing that was known was that he seemed to be independently wealthy – he never lacked for money when he came into town. No one knew where he lived, and several groups who set off to rob the old man never returned from the mountains. Even today, stories abound that Gektovnar – or perhaps his ghost – still roam the Yatil Mountains searching for the Khóndkhanen.

The Khóndkhanyagn – or the Hunt for a Pot of Knowledge – is a quest that drives many in Perrenland to head for the hills in search of these mythical artefacts. For some, the Khóndkhanyagn has become an obsession, driving everything that they do. They are known to pay fortunes for information about the resting-place of these vessels. In extreme cases, robbery and murder are not unheard of. More than a few people embarking on a Khóndkhanyagn have been known to disappear, never to be seen again.

Whether the legends are true or not remains to be seen. But the lack of proof of the existence of the Khóndkhannen and the apparent danger involved has done nothing to quash the dreams of the many people who long for the fame and fortune that the pots are supposed to bring.


So far, you have encountered the Legendary Khóndkhanen three times. The first time was in the sewers of Laufgen, where you recovered the pot that Anika Hondvoet said was a legendary Khóndkhanen which gave her the right to rule the town, if only she could possess it. Whether it was actually a Khóndkhanen or not is unknown; it looked pretty ordinary.

The second time was in a cave being investigated by Khóndkhanyagn hunters. Here, you managed to find with what you believe were a few authentic Khóndkhanen. However, they were non-magical. But this didn’t stop them from fetching you a pretty price.

The third time was beneath an old warehouse outside of Schwartzenbruin. Again, the pots were unmagical, but sold for a remarkable price, given that they just seem to be pots of clay. Of historical significance, yet, but just clay nonetheless.


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