Malthindor, Oblivion's Blade

Longsword of the Mage-Priests

weapon (melee)

The sword feeds off the wielder’s magical energies, growing in power as the wielder advances in magical ability. In game terms, the sword’s magical abilities function only for an arcane spellcaster; the level of arcane spells the wielder is able to cast determine the number of powers the blade possesses. The only exception to this is that clerics of Boccob are treated exactly like arcane spellcasters for accessing powers; no other divine spellcasters derive any magical benefit from the sword. In the hands of all but arcane spellcasters, the longsword is considered to be a masterwork weapon. It takes one day for a new wielder to attune to Malthindor, and access the powers. This blade radiates faint evil is detected for.

Able to cast arcane spells: Touch of the Mage-Priests
  • Malthindor is a +1 longsword
Able to cast 1st level arcane spells: Wave of Despair
  • Once per day as a swift action while wielding Malthindor, the wielder may cast Bane as a 1st level caster (DC 12 negates)
Able to cast 3rd level arcane spells: Thrice-Magicked Form
  • Once per day, as a swift action, the wielder may add the ghost touch, keen, or frost quality to the blade. This ability lasts for a number of rounds equal to arcane caster level.
Able to cast 5th level arcane spells: Hand of the Mage-Priests
  • Malthindor is a +3 longsword
Able to cast 7th level arcane spells: Tapping the Well of Power
  • Once per day, when Malthindor strikes an enemy, the wielder may allow Malthindor to draw upon their well of power and channel a spell into the enemy. Using this ability takes no action. The spell must be either a touch range spell or a targeted spell. If the spell allows a saving throw, the enemy takes a -4 penalty on their save.
Able to cast 9th level arcane spells: Oblivion Triumphant
  • Whenever this weapon kills a creature, it cannot be brought back from the dead without a true resurrection spell cast upon the body. If the blade cuts up the pieces of the body, the majority of them must be found in order for the true resurrection to be successful.

Value: Unknown


This is Malthindor, Oblivion’s Blade. Forged in the time of the mage-priests to kill the mad wizard Yagrax, Malthindor is a longsword of dark beauty. The blade of the weapon is thin and long, almost as long as a bastard sword. Upon the surface, arcane sigils, their meanings long since lost to modern men, are carved just so they appear to flow into each other like swirls of water in a rushing stream. When light is near the weapon, the source slightly dims as the blade swallows wisps of the brightest parts, ever hungry for more. The pommel, hilt and guard are made of obsidian, with black leather wrapped around the hilt to form a handgrip. At the very end of the pommel, a smooth green etherstone is set inside a thin ring of gold.

You found this mysterious artefact hidden beneath one of the Isles of Woe, floating in the Nyr Dyv.

Malthindor, Oblivion's Blade

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