Pendant of Breath

False Life 1/week, 1d10+10 temp hitpoints (10 hours)


This small bone amulet is engraved with some wicked, undecipherable symbol. It hangs around the neck from what appears to be a thick braid of cat gut. Once per week, the bearer may utter the word “mortevita” to gain the power of unlife. This grants the bearer 1d10+10 temporary hit points. This effect immediately ends if the pendant is removed, but otherwise lasts 10 hours or until all of the hit points are gone. After activation, the amulet becomes inert for a week.

Cost: 1500 gp


You found this on the deceased body of one of Iuz’s demundead creatures, a crianca. Who knows if it’s safe to use?

Pendant of Breath

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