Tome of Urdon Oosterkhund

The Magical Tome of Urdon Oosterkhund, The Wizard Righ


This red dragon-hide, brass-bound tome contains the following spells.

  1. Animate Rope, Expeditious Retreat, Feather Fall, Identify
  2. Arcane Lock, Detect Thoughts, Firebust, Levitate, Rope Trick, Whispering Wind
  3. Deep Slumber, Keen Edge, Greater Mage Armour, Protection from Energy
  4. Dimension Door, Solid Fog, Wall of Ice
  5. Fabricate, Hold Monster, Servant Horde
  6. Brilliant Blade, Stone to Flesh
  7. Delayed Blast Fireball, Energy Immunity

Price: 8100 gp


Tome of Urdon Oosterkhund

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