Living Greyhawk Redux

Shedding Scales
Set in Keoland

The morning started well, but you soon found yourselves confronting a street brawl in the docks area of Schwarztenbruin. Of course, you were just trying to help out the nice Lydians who were being unfairly victimised by the local populace. Alas, Kendrik was not present to enjoy the enclave of women that the temple of Lydia represented. Ah well.

They wondered if you’d be interested in escorting some children to a school down in Keoland. Taking up the offer of employment, you got to see the Krestingtrek from one end to the other, cross across Ket, Bissel, and the Gran March, before finally almost arriving at Redlee Manor. Of course, about a day out, you were attacked by griffons, one of whom almost captured and flew off with the orphan Ianta. It appeared that the griffons were being controlled in some way, using silver bands as a focus. At Redlee Manor, you were told the story of the children’s missing eyes by Stoakdor Redlee Neheli. He requested that you investigate a complex within the swamp, which he felt might be the location of one of the pairs of eyes.

In the swamp, you found a dying kobold. Healing him, he revealed himself as Tajlo, Paladin of the Tallbane Tribe. He bade you visit his village, which was little more than holes in the ground. You found out that the kobolds here are in possession of a blue/black stone artifact of incredible power. The Chief of the kobolds bade you return once you found stuff at the temple complex, and he may allow you to bask in the presence of the artifact.

At the temple complex, you found some centipedes which really offered no resistance. You also found a large blue/black slab. Most of the complex had collapsed into a crater, however, and there wasn’t much left to see. A single passageway entered, with text flowing all along the walls. However, nobody could read it, and so you just followed the passageway. A trap down the bottom hurt everyone, before the coridoor opened up into a chamber. There was not much in the chamber, except that a strange doorway completely blocked by black stone had more text around it. Deciding to go back out to rest so that Illene could prepare a Comprehend Languages spell, the party was attacked by a fell minotaur and a harpy. Narrowly defeating the duo, you returned to the kobold village.

At the kobold village, the chieftain happily received the blue/black stone slab, and allowed everybody to bask within the presence of the artifact. Various things happened, and Oak came out a little more eloquent at the expense of his intelligence.

Returning to Stoakdor, he listened to your report, and informed you that his divinations have suggested that more may be found in the land of Black Ice, and that he would contact you if he found out enough to mount an expedition there.

XP: 900 to Oak, Brottor, Illene and Jarik
Gold: 1000gp

Items Gained:

  • Oak’s bow was enchanted to +1


  • Jarik, Brottor, Oak and Illene received the Stigma of the Serpent from meditating in the presence of the artifact.

Night of Steel
Set in Schwartzenbruin

Finding their way to Schwartzenbriun, our heroes enjoyed the festival that was taking place. However, after dark, they came across a man, stabbed in an alleyway and dying, who beseeched them to head to Ingolt Weisspeer’s manor. The dying knight passed on his sword, the mighty Vaukieper, to Jarik, before passing away. Armed so, the party headed to the Weisspeer manor. Dealing with multiple assailants inside, the party eventually met up with Ingolt Weisspeer, the target of the assassination. An unknown man beseeched the party to flee with Ingolt to the docks square, as some darkness was hunting them. Upon reaching the docks, Ingolt’s spell of light nullified the darkness of their final assailant, a Vrock – a demon of Iuz. Jarik managed to distract the vrock long enough for Ingolt to contain it, but as it vanished, it struck out with its power and felled Ingolt to the ground. Illene was first on the scene, and ascertained that Ingolt was only bluffing, but Ingolt’s brother Hasten arrived, declaring his brother dead, and a procession marched back to the Weisspeer manor. The man who told the party to flee was revealed as the Voorman Karenin Weisspeer himself, who was much saddened by the loss of not only his cousin, but also his neice Tamarind, who was married to the Roodberg Pfaltzgraf, and killed in the attack.

XP: 980 to Brottor, Illene and Jarik

Gold: 427 from gold found, 614 from loot sold, 1400 from Khondkhanen


  • 1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds


  • Brottor, Illene and Jarik are cursed with the Ire of Iuz

Pots of Knowledge
Set in the Yatil Mountains

On the way there, Brottor, Illene and Jarik helped a horse get out of a ditch. It took them a long while to do so, however. The man they assisted introduced them to an old, deaf wizard in the town of Skillet, whose brother was now believed to be lost in the hills. The following morning, the intrepid party headed to the hills, hoping to find the lost brother. Eventually, they stumbled across the ransacked campsite – for wolves had found food there, and the place was a mess. A dying dwarf in the campsite revealed that a tremor had caught their party unawares, trapping all but himself inside. Inside the cavern system, our intrepid adventurers eventually found the missing brother, and also managed to find a chamber full of Khondkhanen, the elusive Pots of Knowledge. Of course, that would be the moment they were attacked by creatures of darkness, and in the ensuing melee, managed to smash a number of these pots. However, seven remained, and the old wizard and his brother paid 200 gold each for the remaining pots. Illene did note that they were nonmagical pots.

GP & XP: See next adventure (played together)

Promises to Keep
Set in the ruins of Kir Russ

As Illene went off to seek theological insights, your troupe was invited to a celebration in Rikkendal – for Fraedrig Zussrig, sole surviving son of the Zussrig family (Adventure #1 with Little Janni the ogre), had returned home to claim his right as owner of the stadt. Little Janni was particularly happy to see you. The next morning, a messenger brought word from Hasten Weisspeer that Reggi Das, brother of Roggo Das, had been located in a mining camp a few day’s ride North towards the Mounds of Dawn. Hasten suggested heading to an inn, and asking for a guide to the mining camp. Doing so, once you arrived at the mining camp, you were captured, and thrown into a slave pen. You found out that Reggi was a slave master here (as she was under the impression that she was doing so to keep Roggo alive, who all she knew of was that he was held by Karl). Karl Hussen himself came to gloat at you, along with his friend Jasper Morgenrood, who ran the mining operation. In order to expedite your demise, you were sent along with Reggi into the ancient ruins of Kir Russ, ostensibly hunting for treasure for Karl. However, light rains (and the lack thereof) had lowered the level of the dam at the end of the canyon sufficiently that you managed to escape down a tunnel, which led back to the mining camp. Under cover of darkness, the slaves were freed, and a riot began. Yourselves, you took to Jasper’s headquarters, and took him prisoner. He pleaded for his life in exchange for information on what Karl has been doing. Armed with this knowledge (and Reggi’s testimony), you have travelled back to Krestible to inform Hasten. Jasper’s testimony was called for before the Council of Schwartzenbruin, but soon after he testified, he was found dead, a single crossbow bolt to the back of his head. Once a candidate for the Voorman of Perrenland, Karl Hussen, now shamed, has gone into hiding – none know where he is. Alas, however, for Hanne Weisspeer has also vanished. It is believed that she has been abducted by Karl.

XP: 1150 to Jarik, Kendrick, Brottor and Oak
GP: 890 gp


  • +1 Handaxe

The Voorman's Daughter
Set in and around Krestible

Today’s adventure started with your approach to Krestible. Arriving in the evening, you found yourselves in the right place at the right time to stop some hobgoblins from stealing a bunch of Weisspeer horses. As such, you were noticed by Hasten Weisspeer, acting clan chief of the Weisspeer clan. He requested that you travel to Yatilskaad to investigate what was happening to Hanne Weisspeer, the Voorman’s Daughter. Hasten believed that Karl Hussen may be using magical charms to attract his neice. After being given the runaround for a day or so, you were attacked by men sent by Karl Hussen. Hanne found you shortly afterwards, and suggested that you follow a half-orc called Roggo Das, who was carrying messages to a camp of bandits. Catching Roggo, he eventually spilt the beans, but only after you promised to look out for his sister Reggi. Hanne asked you to escort Roggo back to Krestible to the care of her uncle. At the gates to Krestible, you were beset by paid mercenaries, and in the ensuing fracas, Roggo was killed by a single crossbow dart. Investigating the crossbow dart, it appears to have been coated with Wyvern poison, an incredibly expensive (and lethal) poison which ensured his rapid demise. Hasten thanked you for your efforts, and paid you 100 gp each, as well as provided you with Weisspeer warhorses. He also informed you that Karl Hussen had led a stunning counterattack against the bandit encampment, and is currently the man of the moment. Hasten, however, promises you that Karl will have his dues coming for him, and hopefully soon.

XP: 850 each
GP: 750 gp total


  • The Weisspeer warhorses are particularly fine breeds, and will sell for 250 gp if you wish to do so. You have one each.

An Evening in Laufgen
Set in Laufgen

So, you’ve managed to defeat Ratticus twice more, and have braved your first otyugh. With the Khondkhanen in the hands of Anika Hondvoet, perhaps Laufgen will come out of its dark days and flourish. But you won’t be around to see that, because you’re hightailing it out of there as soon as you can.

XP: 1010 xp to all, +100 xp for Kendrick

GP: 1000 gp gained

Cooper vs Cobbler
Set in Laufgen

Today, you encountered the town of Laufgen. All in all, you did a many good things in Laufgen. Most importantly, you helped resolve the dispute between Cooper and Cobbler, and you saved Pixie from the malevolent Eugene Ratticus Maximus. Somehow, you feel that you have not seen the last of Ratticus…

XP: 750 to Oak, Illene, Brottor and Kendrick
GP: 1135 gp gained


  • +1 Ring of Protection (claimed by Kendrick)

Pig Tales
Set in the Yatil Mountains

The adventure started in the Yatil Mountains in the Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland, about 30 miles Northwest of Krestible, along the Vestertrek.

You came to Oskindal, where Arald Zussrig invited you in for the evening. You met his family, and their adopted family member, Little Janni the ogre. The next morning, the family pig Neussi was missing, so you tracked the thief down to a druid’s grove. It turned out that the thief was just a poor starving servant who’d recently been fired. You met the gnomish druid, Lentiddly Zibwickling. Coming back to the Zussrig family, you found that they’d all been slaughtered, and upon closer investigation, it appeared that the whole thing was set up to look like the ogre killed everybody. You also noticed that the Spear of Allitur had been stolen. Tracking down the murders, you slew a bunch of mercenaries who were in combat with Little Janni. The last of the mercenaries (’coz you let the rest die) told you there were more of them, and they were meeting in the hamlet of Rikkendal. When you arrived in Rikkendal, a lynch mob formed upon finding out what had happened, but it soon was dispersed when the thatch of the town was set alight. You gave chase to the remaining murders, and eventually took them out. Little Janni headed off to find a new life. The Spear of Allitur was left to the remaining heir of Arald Zussrig.

XP: 800 to Oak, Brottor and Illene

Total party coin: 2250 gp


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