Living Greyhawk Redux

A Long Way for a Little Knowledge
Set in Greyhawk City and the Cairn Hills

Fonkin asked you to drop by the temple of Lydia, where a man was dying from unknown causes. Fonkin said he could help, but you would need to travel to the Tower of Ramire to acquire the knowledge. The tower turned out to be a gnome illusionist’s tower, and after an exchange of riddles, he agreed to give you the knowledge you were after, from the Lady of the tower (a sphinx). She said that the circlet that the man wore was a cursed circlet of wererat origin, and that he should remove his jewellery and instead wear a special amulet for the rest of his life. Heading back to Greyhawk City, you were approached by a shady figure who offered to give you gold in exchange for the circlet, if you could return it to him. The man was saved, and you promised to dispose of the circlet properly. You took the circlet to your contact, who paid you your money, and there the adventure ended.

XP: 1250 xp for Brottor and Illene, 1400 for Kendrick

GP: 2350 gp (600 gp of which came from giving a cursed item to a bunch of wererats, you do realise?)

You paid to get Kendrick’s sword enchanted, and Fonkin produced the promised +2 Amulet of Health.

The Hidden Fortress
Set in the Bright Desert

Fonkin requested that you investigate a tower in the Bright Desert, to see if you could find any strange magical artefacts or other knowledge there. You decided to leave your modron follower with Fonkin for its own safety.

You set out on a boat to the Southern part of the Bright. Travelling through the hills towards the desert, you ran into a centaur, who bade you beware the forces of Rary in the area. A little further on, you encountered the massacre of a norker tribe. One lone norker, Narthos, survived. Giving him food and water, he travelled with you for a ways. Travelling through the desert, you saw a blue dragon fly overhead, whose moan struck fear into your very hearts, but didn’t otherwise engage you. You eventually made it to the tower you sought.

Inside the tower, you discovered that it was largely buried by sand. At the top of the tower, where you entered, a desiccated corpse clutched onto a spear and a scroll, which had a message for any who might find it. The rest of the tower was guarded by a Guards and Wards spell, much to your annoyance. The only thing of interest you found in the tower was right down the very bottom, where a room with chromatic dragon motifs was guarded by a deadly trap (that didn’t kill Brottor). Inside the room, you were assailed by a dreamstealer, who proved to be completely ineffective. There was also a prismatic sphere guarding something. Illene, however, worked out that the sphere was an illusion, and inside it lay something else. However, a cylindrical force field prevented you from reaching the funny rock inside it. You could read a fragment of a scroll however, which said something about “Unaagh” and a “bridge to darkness”. Feeling that there was not much more to do, you left the tower (forgetting to bring the corpse back as his note requested), and travelled back to meet your boat. As you travelled, you were attacked by the blue dragon, which almost brought about your ruin. Feeling lucky to be alive, you travelled back to Greyhawk City.

XP and GP: See next adventure (ran as a pair)

You paid 2950 gp for an atonement for Kendrick, having betrayed the principles of his deity. The priest let you off just this once, Kendrick, and gave you a 2500 gp discount.


Nine Lives
Set in Greyhawk City

After your travels, you eventually made it to Greyhawk City, and found the gnome who you had heard was looking for adventurers. His house had just exploded however, and he begged you to rescue his familiar, Whifflepurr. Dashing to the top of his tower and back down in record time, he then asked if you had picked up his spellbook on the way? Illene and Kendrick raced back in to rescue the spellbook, too. Fonkin paid you handsomely for your services, and asked you to come back later, as he has other tasks for you.

XP: 1250 for Brottor, Illene and Jarik, 1450 for Kendrick. Illene spent 15 XP on crafting.


  • +2 Headband of Intellect (claimed by Illene)


Ashes of Innocence
Set in the Domain of Greyhawk

The party started in Narwell, where you had met up with Kendrick once again. However, after travelling so close to Celene, Oak could not resist the lure of the Elven lands, and bade his farewell to the party. The rest of you set off East, towards Greyhawk City.

Travelling in a group from Narwell to Safeton, you started to hear rumours of villages being burnt to ashes. You came across one village in particular that was blaming a priest and a small boy who followed him. The next town you reached was being inundated with people, worried about the fire demon burning down their homes. A merchant claimed to have seen a priest and a boy heading into the woods north of the town. Heading out there, you found a druidic circle. Only one druid had survived the visit of the priest however, as the fire demon had burnt all of the rest of the druids to ashes. Back in town, you searched around for the priest for a bit, but didn’t find him. The next morning, a strange blue glow brought you to a vision of a temple. A number of priests were conducting a ritual, but three of them had medallions which corrupted it. One of the priests with a medallion was the priest you were seeking. As the vision faded, you were attacked by some devils. The next day, you looked for the priest again, and eventually found him and the boy. Confronting the priest, the fire demon appeared and insisted that you kill him, or it would start killing innocents. The priest told you to find the boy; he was the only one who could stop the demon. The boy did so, containing the demon back in his head, but it summoned another devil to attack you in retribution. The old priest finally snapped, and turned on the party too. As he was slain, the curse he was bearing came to Kendrick, who now bears the Mark of Avernus.

XP: See next adventure (run as a pair)


  • +1 Fullplate (claimed by Kendrick)
  • Divine Scrolls of Searing Light and Hold Person
  • Amulet of the Hearth x 2


Crystal Caverns (lite)
Set in the Lortmil Mountains

Leaving Hilldon, you ventured further into the mountains, and eventually reached the town of Crystal Hollow, a gnomish mining town. You managed to sell some magical items there, and found out about a gnomish adventuring party that was missing. Following in their footsteps, you fought a wraith, before finding the bodies of the fallen gnomes. Suddenly, ankhegs attacked, but they were quickly slain. You returned the bodies of the gnomes to Crystal Hollow, and were granted their magical items in reward. You were also ripped off terribly by the gnomish jeweller in the village.

XP: 1115 for Illene and Jarik, 1025 for Brottor, 560 for Oak.
GP: -392 (after expenses – restorations are not cheap!)


  • Wand of detect chaos
  • Wand of magic missile
  • Metamagic Rod of Lesser Extend Spell
  • Cloak of Elemental Protection
  • Pearl of Power L1
  • Quiver of Ehlonna
  • MW Chain Shirt Barding

Hunt for the Rogue
Set in the Lortmil Mountains

Leaving the small waytown, you travelled across the Duchy of Ulek and into the Lortmil Mountains. There, you met a strange sight – two small forces of modrons had almost completely annihilated each other, the only survivor being a lone monodrone, a funny spherical creature of law. It guided you to another force of modrons, who demanded that the little monodrone be surrendered to them. It was not difficult to destroy these modrons. Afterwards, you found that your monodrone friend was picking up basic common, and you learnt about a strike force that was due to destroy the nearby village of Hilldon, with the aim of taking out a rogue modron currently in residence in that town. “Collateral Damage Expected.”

The modron was able to lead you back to the modron command centre, where you talked to a creature that seemed to be in charge. After arguing for a bit, it seemed to assent to your party going to destroy the rogue modron, but that the strike force would ensure that the rogue was indeed destroyed. Rushing to Hilldon, you found the rogue performing in the village inn. Convincing him to stop singing was no mean feat, but eventually you persuaded him to put on a performance of his own demise, so that the strike force would be fooled into letting him live. After staging his death, you convinced him to leave the town, bound for Laufgen. Perhaps you will meet him again one day?

XP: See next adventure (run as a pair)


Set in Keoland

Having satisfied what curiosity you had about the blue-black stones and the funny kobolds in the swamp, you decide that it is high time to head to Greyhawk City. What manner of adventure will find you there? Who knows. As you travel towards the Lortmil Mountains, which will hopefully not impede your journey to the Gem of the Flanaess too much, you rest for a night in a small waytown in Keoland. Apart from good ale and a hearty stew, there is a small library to be found here.

Bound in leather, Illene finds a small book which has been neatly written by a monastery in Ket, if the maker’s mark is anything to go by. It appears to be a short treatise on Perrenland. Flicking through the neatly cut pages, you discover things that you hadn’t been aware of about the country you seem to have taken up residence in. For example, apparently Perrenland’s largest export is mercenaries, and the advertising campaign for the country has a tagline of “Your war is our business!”. Deciding that this might be a useful resource, you pocket the book while nobody is looking, for further study.

XP: +5 xp for Illene for finding the book


  • 1 book gained. The text of this book can be found here

Shedding Scales
Set in Keoland

The morning started well, but you soon found yourselves confronting a street brawl in the docks area of Schwarztenbruin. Of course, you were just trying to help out the nice Lydians who were being unfairly victimised by the local populace. Alas, Kendrik was not present to enjoy the enclave of women that the temple of Lydia represented. Ah well.

They wondered if you’d be interested in escorting some children to a school down in Keoland. Taking up the offer of employment, you got to see the Krestingtrek from one end to the other, cross across Ket, Bissel, and the Gran March, before finally almost arriving at Redlee Manor. Of course, about a day out, you were attacked by griffons, one of whom almost captured and flew off with the orphan Ianta. It appeared that the griffons were being controlled in some way, using silver bands as a focus. At Redlee Manor, you were told the story of the children’s missing eyes by Stoakdor Redlee Neheli. He requested that you investigate a complex within the swamp, which he felt might be the location of one of the pairs of eyes.

In the swamp, you found a dying kobold. Healing him, he revealed himself as Tajlo, Paladin of the Tallbane Tribe. He bade you visit his village, which was little more than holes in the ground. You found out that the kobolds here are in possession of a blue/black stone artifact of incredible power. The Chief of the kobolds bade you return once you found stuff at the temple complex, and he may allow you to bask in the presence of the artifact.

At the temple complex, you found some centipedes which really offered no resistance. You also found a large blue/black slab. Most of the complex had collapsed into a crater, however, and there wasn’t much left to see. A single passageway entered, with text flowing all along the walls. However, nobody could read it, and so you just followed the passageway. A trap down the bottom hurt everyone, before the coridoor opened up into a chamber. There was not much in the chamber, except that a strange doorway completely blocked by black stone had more text around it. Deciding to go back out to rest so that Illene could prepare a Comprehend Languages spell, the party was attacked by a fell minotaur and a harpy. Narrowly defeating the duo, you returned to the kobold village.

At the kobold village, the chieftain happily received the blue/black stone slab, and allowed everybody to bask within the presence of the artifact. Various things happened, and Oak came out a little more eloquent at the expense of his intelligence.

Returning to Stoakdor, he listened to your report, and informed you that his divinations have suggested that more may be found in the land of Black Ice, and that he would contact you if he found out enough to mount an expedition there.

XP: 900 to Oak, Brottor, Illene and Jarik
Gold: 1000gp

Items Gained:

  • Oak’s bow was enchanted to +1


  • Jarik, Brottor, Oak and Illene received the Stigma of the Serpent from meditating in the presence of the artifact.

Night of Steel
Set in Schwartzenbruin

Finding their way to Schwartzenbriun, our heroes enjoyed the festival that was taking place. However, after dark, they came across a man, stabbed in an alleyway and dying, who beseeched them to head to Ingolt Weisspeer’s manor. The dying knight passed on his sword, the mighty Vaukieper, to Jarik, before passing away. Armed so, the party headed to the Weisspeer manor. Dealing with multiple assailants inside, the party eventually met up with Ingolt Weisspeer, the target of the assassination. An unknown man beseeched the party to flee with Ingolt to the docks square, as some darkness was hunting them. Upon reaching the docks, Ingolt’s spell of light nullified the darkness of their final assailant, a Vrock – a demon of Iuz. Jarik managed to distract the vrock long enough for Ingolt to contain it, but as it vanished, it struck out with its power and felled Ingolt to the ground. Illene was first on the scene, and ascertained that Ingolt was only bluffing, but Ingolt’s brother Hasten arrived, declaring his brother dead, and a procession marched back to the Weisspeer manor. The man who told the party to flee was revealed as the Voorman Karenin Weisspeer himself, who was much saddened by the loss of not only his cousin, but also his neice Tamarind, who was married to the Roodberg Pfaltzgraf, and killed in the attack.

XP: 980 to Brottor, Illene and Jarik

Gold: 427 from gold found, 614 from loot sold, 1400 from Khondkhanen


  • 1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds


  • Brottor, Illene and Jarik are cursed with the Ire of Iuz

Pots of Knowledge
Set in the Yatil Mountains

On the way there, Brottor, Illene and Jarik helped a horse get out of a ditch. It took them a long while to do so, however. The man they assisted introduced them to an old, deaf wizard in the town of Skillet, whose brother was now believed to be lost in the hills. The following morning, the intrepid party headed to the hills, hoping to find the lost brother. Eventually, they stumbled across the ransacked campsite – for wolves had found food there, and the place was a mess. A dying dwarf in the campsite revealed that a tremor had caught their party unawares, trapping all but himself inside. Inside the cavern system, our intrepid adventurers eventually found the missing brother, and also managed to find a chamber full of Khondkhanen, the elusive Pots of Knowledge. Of course, that would be the moment they were attacked by creatures of darkness, and in the ensuing melee, managed to smash a number of these pots. However, seven remained, and the old wizard and his brother paid 200 gold each for the remaining pots. Illene did note that they were nonmagical pots.

GP & XP: See next adventure (played together)


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