Living Greyhawk Redux

Dark Star
Set in Perrenland

XP: 2400 to Illene and Maethil, 1920 to Brottor, but Illene lost 800 xp from familiar death.
GP: 145 gp, after all was said and done


  • +2 Gloves of Dexterity (to Gildon)
  • +2 Ring of Protection
  • +2 Periapt of Wisdom
  • Hat of Disguise
  • An Iuzian’s Spellbook


  • Maethil joined the party.
  • Brottor and Illene died, but were True Resurrected
  • Illene’s familiar died, and has not been raised. Illene lost 800 xp.
  • For services to the Weisspeer clan, Maethil, Illene and Brottor have been awarded Valuable Property

Death's Fury
Set in Perrenland

XP: 3680 to Brottor and Illene, 3000 to Jarik
GP: After all said and done, 8945 gp


  • Tunic of Steady Spellcasting
  • Cloak of Resistance +2
  • Ring of Protection +1 (to Maethil)
  • Periapt of Wisdom +2
  • Cloak of Charisma +2 (to Maethil)


  • Brottor was sucked through a sphere of annihilation, but mysteriously awakened in a grove, marked with a HUS Tattoo
  • Illene has acquired a Khondkhan Soul Friend
  • For attempting to steal artifacts, Jarik and Illene have been marked with the Curse of Nerull

The Fate of the Lina Gersiten
Set in Perrenland

XP: 2160 to Jarik and Brottor
GP: 2802 gp total profit

  • +2 Vest of Resistance (replacing Kendrik’s)


  • Healing Belt
  • Third Eye Surge
  • Boots of Big Stepping
  • MW Seashell Breastplate (Brottor)
  • MW Drum (Gildon)
  • Helm of Tactics (Gildon)

Fear of the Heart
Set in Perrenland

XP: 3600 to Jarik and Brottor, 4400 to Illene and Kendrik

GP: -350 spent on spells


  • Jarik’s fullplate was destroyed; 2650 gp spent to regain


  • Pearl of Power L1
  • Wand of CLW
  • Wand of Lesser Vigor

Beneath the Citadel
Set in the labyrinth of Kir-Russ in Perrenland

XP: 2300 to Illene, 1900 to Jarik and Brottor


  • Starmetal Greatsword (Kendrik, sold +1 Greatsword and upgraded to +1 Starmetal Greatsword)


  • Scroll of Restoration
  • Pearl of Power L2


A Pit Too Far
Set in Perrenland

XP: 1900 to Brottor and Kendrik, 1450 to Jarik (but Jarik was level-drained to the beginning of his level)
GP: 64 gp total profit


A Nation Mocked
Set in Perrenland

XP: 1703 to Brottor and Illene, 1400 to Jarik
GP: 5097 gp profit
Loot: 5 Oils of Bless Weapon

I Dream of Janni
Set in the Yatil Mountains

Our heroes polished their armor and shined their boots: their was a wedding and their friend lil’ Janni was the best man.

Traveling to Krestible, they found the town in anticipation for the wedding. Everything was ready except li’l Janni who was nowhere to be found. Our intrepid adventurers, ever willing to help, set out to find the jovial paladin.

Reaching the nearest town over and probing around in a dwarven tavern, they discovered that Janni had been hired to investigate the disappearance of a party of explorers. In turn, the party set out to save the rescuer.

Marching out into the hills the party found a cave and a deep pool of water with a glint of gold at the bottom. Brottor dove in as a polar bear, and was barely able to fight off the wild current to retrieve what turned out to be a magical rod. Inside the cave an ice wall encased a traveller. Chipping past the wall, an icicle avalanche nearly killed Gildon. The traveler had nothing but a mysterious broken pot.

They ran into a talking rock that Gildon could understand, but was unable to converse with. After some one-sided conversation, they left him. They began climbing some perilous mountains and ran across a suicidal woman claiming she heard spirits in her head. Touching the woman and saving her from certain doom, the same voice could be heard, and some more one-sided conversation was had.

Finally reaching the summit, there was some sort of temple, probably made relatively recently (past few hundred years). Inside were some giant sized footprint, which lead directly to the paladin Janni. He was raving mad so the party beat him into unconsciousness, which forced out a spirit of sorts which was subsequently destroyed. Janni was brought back to consciousness. The remainder of the complex revealed a chamber full of pots and another expired traveller from the lost expedition. Brottor greedily filled his sacks with pots, to much cheering from Kendrik and much protest from Jarik. Leaving the summit, the party could make out the lifeless body of the last member of the expedition, which they retrieved on their way down.

Little Janni saved, and the mystery of the failed expedition solved they made their way back to Krestible. While travelling, you met a high arcanist of the den Zauber guild, who explained that the pots contained the spirits of ancient people, and having a spirit tied to you could yield ancient wisdom. So they all did the ceremony, except Jarik because he was too superstitious, and the high wizard kept all the other looted pots “for the good of the nation”. What a sack of croc. On the bright side, he paid us for it, so we can’t complain too much.

XP: 600 to Brottor and Kendrick, 500 to Jarik
GP: None found
Items found:

  • Pearl of Power L2
  • Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell


Set in the Lands of Tenh and Across the Planes

XP: 2100 to Brottor, Jarik and Kendrick. 2915 to Illene. Illene levels, Jarik levels.
GP: 6995 gp


Upon returning to Perrenland:

  • Brottor becomes a member of the Grove
  • Illene becomes a Ruby Zauber

Sepulcher of the Wizard King
Set in the Lands of Iuz

After returning from exploring the Isles of Woe (with Gildon carrying Malthindor, Oblivion’s Blade), you found that the sword was urging you to head north. Immediately after disembarking from the ship Brightspray, you met Motair Castock, the scholar from Greyhawk City to whom you delivered an Ether specimen in “Into the Dying Lands”. Motair explains that his master is offering to teleport you far to the north to a dungeon said to contain a pair of ancient, withered hands. You agreed, and soon found yourselves at the entrance of the Sepulcher of the Wizard King.

After sliding Malthindor into a crack in the dungeon door and solving a straightforward riddle, you gained entrance to the dungeon. As you explored, you soon noticed that the dungeon architect seems to have had a rather serious obsession with hands and fingers. You made short work of the earliest opposition you encountered: animated stones the coalesce into humanoid shapes with a large hand in place of the head.

Venturing on, you found a hall containing several murals depicting the fall of Yagrax, the ancient, powerful wizard who was killed and dismembered, as he could not be completely destroyed. You then encounter a hall containing skeletons. Attempting to continue past them, the skeletons suddenly turned to red-hot, burning ash! Pressing on, you passed another hall with murals ad then met a fearsome guardian of the temple: a stone golem! The golem sent a swarm of animated swords and daggers that kept Illene, Gildon, and Brottor occupied while the golem proved itself a fearsome enemy: it rendered Jarik unconscious in less than a minute and beat Kendrick to within an inch of his life. But at the final moment, when the golem had cornered Kendrick, he missed the finishing blow, giving Jarik (who was saved and healed by Illene and Brottor) the last swing, killing the golem just in time.

Exhausted and nearly out of resources with no avenue of retreat and no way to resupply, you decided you had no choice but to camp and heal your wounds. Returning to the dungeon, you found a large hall littered with broken stones. A side tunnel led you far below the earth, to the City of the Undying, those left behind in the sealed dungeon, keeping an eternal watch. Before reaching the city proper, you encountered Malcrux, an insane wizard that immediately put a spell on Jarik that took him out of the fight, muttering about some sort of unpleasant experiments the wizard planned to carry out. The rest of you fought and defeated him, finding a small crystal shard afterward.

You then came to the bridge into the City. You ultimately chose (wisely) to avoid fighting the guardians of the bridge, instead letting Illene bluff them into thinking that you are mage priests who have returned. You were taken to the city temple, where you were told that you would soon be tested. You tried to determine what “soon” meant but could make little sense of their bizarre units of time and distance. You were given temporary residence and took your time to tour the city, learning a bit of its history and exploring the other houses and the forge. Finally, you were summoned to the temple and given a test: you were directed to repair the city’s water works, which was damaged in the recent earthquake. You managed to find and piece together crystal shards (including the one you found in Malcrux’s lair) which magically power the device, you removed some debris clogging a pipe, and you repaired some damaged gears.

Passing the test, you were admitted to the inner halls of the dungeon. You found an evil ooze and dispatched it, although it destroyed Jarik’s warhammer in the process. You then found a lock opened by a puzzle involving the four elements. After some trial and error (Kendrick bore the brunt of the error), you managed to decode the puzzle and unlock the door. You then found yourselves in a long hallway, where a sense of final despair overcame some of you as you came into the final chamber containing five sealed chests. Inside one chest were the Hands of Yagrax, the object of your search. The chests were guarded by two Undying Ones, corrupted by the influence of the hands. You managed to defeat the fighter, but the wizard proved extremely resilient and deadly. Although you finally managed to slay the wizard, the victory came at great cost: Illene was slain!

You opened the chests and found the Hands of Yagrax, which decided they liked Jarik the best and took upon crawling all over him, making him a little intimidating but also a little distracted in combat. To avoid this, Jarik eventually put the hands back in the chest, although they still plagued him with bad dreams. Motair returned, telling you that he will lead you back to Tenh, where the ether threat began, and where you hope you it will end…

XP: 1682 XP to Brottor and Jarik; Illene died and goes back to 24500 XP and then regains 1682 XP; Kendrick gains 1932 XP and levels (but Gildon is still level 5)
GP: After selling the items you acquired and paying off the reincarnate spell for Illene, you have a grand total of 1342 gp profit this round.

  • You picked up a Ring of Protection +1, which replaces Gildon’s ring that was sold for expedient purposes.


  • Illene died, and was reincarnated as an orc!
  • Jarik has been cursed to bear the Hands of Yagrax!
  • Jarik lost his precious warhammer to a fiendish ochre jelly!


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