Living Greyhawk Redux

An Evening in Laufgen
Set in Laufgen

So, you’ve managed to defeat Ratticus twice more, and have braved your first otyugh. With the Khondkhanen in the hands of Anika Hondvoet, perhaps Laufgen will come out of its dark days and flourish. But you won’t be around to see that, because you’re hightailing it out of there as soon as you can.

XP: 1010 xp to all, +100 xp for Kendrick

GP: 1000 gp gained

Cooper vs Cobbler
Set in Laufgen

Today, you encountered the town of Laufgen. All in all, you did a many good things in Laufgen. Most importantly, you helped resolve the dispute between Cooper and Cobbler, and you saved Pixie from the malevolent Eugene Ratticus Maximus. Somehow, you feel that you have not seen the last of Ratticus…

XP: 750 to Oak, Illene, Brottor and Kendrick
GP: 1135 gp gained


  • +1 Ring of Protection (claimed by Kendrick)

Pig Tales
Set in the Yatil Mountains

The adventure started in the Yatil Mountains in the Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland, about 30 miles Northwest of Krestible, along the Vestertrek.

You came to Oskindal, where Arald Zussrig invited you in for the evening. You met his family, and their adopted family member, Little Janni the ogre. The next morning, the family pig Neussi was missing, so you tracked the thief down to a druid’s grove. It turned out that the thief was just a poor starving servant who’d recently been fired. You met the gnomish druid, Lentiddly Zibwickling. Coming back to the Zussrig family, you found that they’d all been slaughtered, and upon closer investigation, it appeared that the whole thing was set up to look like the ogre killed everybody. You also noticed that the Spear of Allitur had been stolen. Tracking down the murders, you slew a bunch of mercenaries who were in combat with Little Janni. The last of the mercenaries (’coz you let the rest die) told you there were more of them, and they were meeting in the hamlet of Rikkendal. When you arrived in Rikkendal, a lynch mob formed upon finding out what had happened, but it soon was dispersed when the thatch of the town was set alight. You gave chase to the remaining murders, and eventually took them out. Little Janni headed off to find a new life. The Spear of Allitur was left to the remaining heir of Arald Zussrig.

XP: 800 to Oak, Brottor and Illene

Total party coin: 2250 gp


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