Living Greyhawk Redux

Amidst the Mists and Coldest Frosts
Set in the Land of the Frost Barbarians

You were relaxing in a dockside tavern in Schwartzenbruin, enjoying hot chocolade that the kinder of Schwartzenbruin were shouting you to, when an odd person walked through the door. It wasa small kobold, wearing a beautiful purple cloak, carrying a staff with a dragon’s head carved into the top of it, and wearing a pink ribbon tied in a bow around her tail. She looked at you, decided you looked good enough for her purposes, and talked to you. Introducing herself as Conans the Barbarian, Mighty Sorceress and High Priestess of Azrinens, she said she wanted to hire you to travel to the Land of the Frost Barbarians to secure the trade rights to the legendary argentvorax furs. She said she’d give you her old Cloak of Charisma +2 as a reward. You were to talk to the Jarl of Jutgandgard to undertake the negotiations. She’d teleport you there, more or less, but you’d have to walk home. Kendrik asked for a token of favour to sweeten the negotiations, and Conans procured what she says was a magical holy symbol of Azrinens. One teleport error later, and you were on a beautiful tropical island. One more teleport later, and you were in the snow. Conans wished you good luck, and vanished.

You quickly came across the scene of a fight; a Frutzii (frost barbarian) was taking on two polar bears, who had already downed his companions. Defeating the polar bears (just), the Frutzii introduced himself as Charbel, and invited you to join him on his boat, sailing up to Jutgandgard. Arriving there, a feast was prepared to celebrate Charbel’s return, and you got an opportunity to talk to Endemuk, advisor to the Jarl. He said that the Jarl would award the trading rights to whoever defeated the spectral beasts that plagued his lands, but that there was already another party interested in it; a woman and some orcs. The next morning, you were accused of kidnapping the Jarl’s advisor, who had vanished. A ransom note was left for him. However, somebody had seen the abduction take place, and had followed the raiding party back to their camp, and offered to guide you there.

They were camping in a cave a few hours away. You easily dealt with the orcs, and even their wizard was no match for your prowess (although Jarik learnt about pit traps). Endemuk was quite pleased to be rescued, and the next day pointed you in the direction of the spectral beasts. It took a couple of days to find the beasts, but eventually you did, and you slaughtered them with ease. The Jarl was pleased, and offered you the trading rights, as well as a 400 gp bonus for saving his advisor. Charbel offered to represent the hunters of the argentvorax, and you negotiated a deal with him to Conans’s satisfaction.

Returning to Schwartzenbruin, carefully avoiding travel through Tenh, Conans was pleased with your efforts, and gave each of you with the Blessings of Azrinens.

XP: 1333 xp to Brottor, Kendrik, and Jarik


  • 400 gp in rewards
  • Magical Holy Symbol of Azrien (you didn’t trade it in, so you get to keep it. Is anybody game to wear it?)
  • Cloak of Charisma +2 (slightly used) (claimed by Kendrik)
  • +1 Bracers of Armour
  • 108 gp in miscellaneous loot from selling stuff
  • Jarik wanted a quarterstaff. Go for it. It’s free. (Beatstick for Kendrik)


  • Brottor, Kendrik and Jarik each receive the Blessing of Azrien (or as Conans would call it, the Blessings of Azrinens). Who knows what this might do?

Mordenkainen's House of Chocolate
Set in Schwartzenbruin

Hanging out in Schwartzenbruin, you were approached by a group of children, who wanted you to investigate the terrible disappearance of Herr Mordenkainen, who made chocolate for them all! They gave you a number of leads to investigate, including a rival gang of kids (upper class snobs), and other bakers in the baker’s guild, who had cause for complaint. You checked out the shop and house, but found them empty. The horse at the back of the house looked like it hadn’t been cared for in a few days, and it was very talkative. The neighbours hadn’t heard from Herr Mordenkainen in a few days either, and said that it was unusual for them to vanish without letting somebody know. One of the neighbours suggested talking to Mordeknainen’s wife’s family, who had a farm a few miles away, who might know something (and also had a spare key).

The relatives could tell you the truth about Mordenkainen, who worked as the chocolate maker for the Mordenkainen in his Obsidian Citadel for a while, but was now based in Schwartzenbruin. He had taken on his master’s name in honour of his former employer. They gave you a key which was enchanted to unlock the doors in the house.

Investigating the house, you decided to search it from top to bottom. You came across the chocolate golem (the shop’s assistant and heavy lifter), and the gelatine ooze (the household cleaner). It was in the basement that you found Herr Mordenkainen, being tortured by an imp. Unable to fool you that he was anything greater than he actually was, you squished him straightforwardly. Herr Mordenkainen’s wife was found in the attic, which none of you figured out how to open in your previous search.

Thankful for being rescued, Herr Mordenkainen presented you with 7 kg of chocolate, to the value of 750 gp. The decision was to keep a third, sell a third, and give the kids a third.

XP: 400 to Katinka, Brottor, and Jarik.


  • 250 gp of income from selling chocolate, and Brottor and Jarik both have a chunk of chocolate in their stash :-)


Into the Dying Lands
Set in the wastelands of Tenh

Having arrived safely back in Greyhawk City, you settled down to recuperate from your flight from Tenh. However, it wasn’t long before a man, Ungut, pleaded with you to journey back to Tenh with him to save his family, who were holed up in caves, stuck, and running out of food. After agreeing to help him, you were approached by another, who claimed to be an apprentice to a wizard at the Greyhawk wizards’ guild. He asked that you capture an Ether creature specimen so that his master could investigate them, and gave you a magical silver cage with which to do so.

You travelled by boat across the Nyr Dyv, and up the Artonsamay river. The land of Tenh, to the East of the river, was completely devoid of life, and strange occurrences cropped up, such as Jarik falling into an ethereal pool and becoming trapped on the ethereal plane. As you approached the caves where Ungut said his people were holed up, you were attacked by some more ether creatures.

The caves themselves were a strange affair, appearing to be ancient things carved out of a strange green stone. As you entered the caves, Jarik returned to the material plane. The caves held a number of women and children, as well as the enigmatic Wartoan, who kept on going on about the Dark One. The women and children were eager to leave, but Wartoan needed some convincing to let them, and even then, he wanted to stay behind. He had the following prophetic statements for you:

“And the two strong slaves lifted it from the back of the Beast. Thereupon I commanded the Brazen Portals to be brought low, and they were wrenched from their hinges and rang upon the stone. The Efreet howled in fear and fled when I caused the page to be read and the Beast passed into the City of Brass. Now was I, Tzunk, Master of the Plane of Molten Skies. With sure hand, I closed Yagrax’s Tome, dreading to…”

“I am not sure where Tzunk’s hands are, but in a dream, I saw a lone island in a sea of blue. It had buildings made of the same green stone as these walls, but there was no life on it. It sits alone for ages in the dark and the cold. Half in and half out of the dark waters that surrounded it, weighing down on it like death. It did not go with the others when they left. No, it stayed, stayed and guarded its burden. On it, a sword. A dark and terrible thing. It will lead you to him. Lead you to the Dark One. I hope that means something to you.”

When you left with the women and children, you were unmolested by the ether creatures, until you came to the river Artonsamay, where you saw a group of humans being chased by the ethers. You swiftly dealt with the critters, capturing one for the wizard back in Greyhawk. The soul surviving human turned out to be Ungut’s wife, although she was acting a little strangely. Illene soon spotted that she was magically compelled in some way, and together, you drove an etherleech from her body, and banished it back to its home plane. You then left Tenh, bound for Greyhawk once again.

XP: 500 xp to Brottor, Illene, Jarik and Katinka


  • 300 gp for returning a living ether creature to the wizard

Escape from Tenh
Set in the lands of Tenh

Having met up with Katinka in a tavern in Schwartzenbruin, you travelled to the far-off land of Tenh, hoping to cash in on what seemed to be a lucrative black-opal trade. However, upon arriving in Vrennmii, you discover that it is well and truly under the occupation of the forces of Old Wicked. Strangely, all the resident demons apparently vanished about ten years ago, but nevertheless, the human (and orcish) occupation force rules with an iron fist. Of particular not was a mining camp to the West of the town, so you decided to go and check it out. However, on the way there, a strange event that signalled the beginning of an invasion of ether creatures occurred, and you were forced to race away from it, back towards the town.

In the town, you witnessed scenes of the buglike creatures eating whatever they could get their mandibles on, and whatever they ate, vanished. Avoiding engagement with the creatures as much as possible, you retreated to the one place in town where they would not pursue – the temple of Iuz. Inside the temple, you came across a priest of the Old One, Attlu, who said he knew of a way out of town, and should you work together, you might both live to escape this accursed place. He wanted to wait for the morning, however, as night would probably prove too dangerous. His slave visited you in the middle of the night.

The next day, you ran for the central tower of the city, which purportedly housed a teleportation circle or device. You battled some ether creatures along the way. Inside the tower, Attlu guided you to a secret door leading to the basement beneath, which had apparently been used a number of times recently. In the remains of a library, you squished a quasit, before passing through the cells down here, which now housed only decapitated prisoners. You approached the end of a long corridor, ending with a door. When the door was touched, it exploded, and Attlu and his slave turned on you. It turned out that the slave was the dangerous one here, and Attlu just the front for the pair, but nevertheless, you squished them easily.

Searching the rooms, you eventually found a secret chamber which housed the teleportation circle. It dumped you in the sewers somewhere. Nearby, you heard the sound of battle, and as you arrived, you saw a wizard who begged you to demolish the pillar holding up the room, to block the portal from which ether creatures were coming through. The wizard quickly died, overwhelmed by the ether creatures, leaving you to deal with them. You grabbed the wizard’s stuff, crushed the critters, and tore down the pillar, halting the spread of the Ether threat into Greyhawk City, whose sewers you were in.

XP: 1425 xp to Kendrik, 1240 xp to Brottor, Jarik, Illene and Katinka

From Attlu’s corpse, you picked off:

  • +1 Cloak of Resistance (claimed by Brottor)
  • Ring of the Silver Tongue (claimed by Illene)
  • +1 Glamered Breastplate (sells for 4175 gp, I assume nobody wants it?)
  • 68 gp of miscellaneous loot

From the wizard’s backpack, you found:

  • Armbands of Elusive Action (claimed by Kendrik)
  • 150 gp

Highway Robbery
Set in the Yatil Mountains

Finding no work in Krestible, you headed to Yatilskaad. There, some bedraggled caravan guards limped their way into town, citing a highway robbery by Kettite forces. Talking to the local Auszugen, you found your offer of searching out the attackers was welcomed. The attack was about half a day’s ride out of town, and you easily found it. Tracking the perpetrators, you were attacked by a trio of rapier wielding pathetics, whom were wererats, but you never found that out – they were wearing the uniform of the army of Ket, however. Further along the trail, you were attacked by ghasts (although you didn’t find that out, either), also in the uniform of the army of Ket. You discovered that ghasts are bad news, and camped out to recuperate from the attack. The next day, you continued following the trail, although it had grown a little old. You came across a clearing – the same one used by the band of Karl Hussen’s humanoids early on in the piece. A fiery woman was addressing her troops in draconic – Illene thinks that she’s a dragon. They left on some raid, leaving only the guy who got away and a couple of minions, who went back into the cave. Waiting for the army to leave, you entered the cave, and confronted the guy, who proved to be a pain in the arse, but also a complete pansy. His ghasts, on the other hand, were just a pain in the arse. Having defeated him, you looted, and returned to Krestible to be rewarded.

XP: Brottor picked up 1750 xp, Illene 807 (including scribing costs), Kendrick 1120, and Jarik 1870. That puts Illene and Jarik just over 5th level, and Kendrick just under 5th level. Brottor is about halfway to 6th.
GP: 550gp

  • Ring of Protection +1 (claimed by Illene)

Set in the Yatil Mountains

Travelling back to Krestible, you ran into an ambush on a caravan in progress. Dealing with the ogres, you chased those who had escaped into the hills. You talked to the caravan owner, Aramet, who said that some of his people had been kidnapped, and his goods stolen. After a number of hours of tracking, you found the light failing, and the weather turning ugly, and so made camp in a sheltered area. Overnight, you captured a goblin who had infiltrated your camp in search of food. Turns out she was just hungry, and had some information for you on the location of those you pursued. She led you to where she said an ambush would be prepared, before running off. You thwomped the ogres who lay in wait, and headed for the bandit camp. A few orcs were present, drilling, and you thwomped them too, but it appeared that somebody got away, a disappearing act of sorts. In the cave at that location, you rescued some prisoners, and found some loot, as well as stolen goods, and evidence of a much larger force who were out. You stocked up with those you found and returned your way to Krestible. Aramet promised to give you a discount on an item of your choice at some later time.

XP: See next adventure (ran as a pair)
GP: 1300gp

Set in Schwartzenbruin

Last session, Illene decided that being out of Schwartzenbruin was a good idea, and so hightailed it into the hills. Brottor, Jarik and Kendrik, however, took the more daring route of attempting to confront what was about to happen. They were asked to investigate Karl Hussen’s plan as best they could, and given badges of the Voormansgardt to assist them in whatever way possible. Deciding to investigate the tunnels under the city, their first lead was to a man in den Toren, who suggested they talk to the ratters of the undercity. Talking to the ratters was no trivial task, however, and Kendrik needed to promise to return to Tantie Jessa when he had a chance before they would give him the information he desired – that there are some old, unused tunnels, lying deep below the city, and that there were strange goings on at the entrance to one of these tunnels recently, down at the docks. Making for the docks with all due haste, the trio started noticing a trail of death leading through the tunnel. Various thugs and Auszugen were left dead. Eventually, a pitched battle was heard, and the party burst in upon a group of armed thugs holding off against a group of Auszugen. The party valiantly joined the fray, only to have the Auszugen reveal themselves as traitors and turn on the party at an inopportune moment. Brottor’s eyes kept him out of trouble as he spotted the assassin preparing his death, but nothing could prevent the death of poor Buck, son of son of Buck, Buck’s revenge. About a minute into the battle, the traitor Karl Hussen joined the fray, and he eventually met his end at the hands of a mighty swing from Jarik. Battered but victorious, the party healed their wounds and travelled on into the darkness from whence Karl had come. Alas, they were too late, as an explosion shattered the peace well before they got to it. Disheartened and dismayed, the party returned, looted, and took Karl’s corpse back to the surface.

Back on the surface, a scene of chaos unfolded, as the council chambers had been blown up. The council had just reelected Karenin Weisspeer as Voorman, with Orgus Bildgear as Untervoorman. However, Karenin Weisspeer has disappeared, and Hasten Weisspeer has been slain. Worse, Hasten’s soul has been somehow stolen. Furthermore, Gutherie Roodberg, Pfaltzgraf of the Roodberg clan, has also been killed with his soul stolen. None currently know how or why.

A Sepian gnomish seeress entered a rapture shortly after the explosion, producing the following prophecy:

The Soul of the Judge,
The Soul of the fist,
The Soul of the Nation,
All snatched by the twisted lover.
Three Souls for the Prince of Laughter,
Three Souls to fuel his greed,
Three Souls to awaken in the darkness the thing that he most needs;
Only a mother’s ill choice now can undo.

Karla Hussen, Pfaltzgraf of the Hussen clan, requested Karl’s body and possessions, which you gave to her. You got the feeling that Karla is not a lady to be trifled with.

Orgus Bildger has been declared interim Voormann whilst Karenin is missing, and he has, together with the Old Kerk Hetshoolmann, Reanulf Solcarde, declared martial law. The Voormann is missing. The Pfaltzgrafs of the Weisspeer and Roodberg clans are dead, their souls stolen. Worse, news soon reaches you that Karl Hussen’s body is gone, missing, vanished, and once again it appears that Hanne Weisspeer has been abducted under strange circumstances. The future is oh so uncertain.

Thus sets the stage for Perrenland, and the continuation of our adventures.

GP: 2820 gp gained.

  • Boots of Striding and Springing (claimed by Jarik)
  • Friendslayer the cursed rapier (Brottor is cursed)

XP: 1350 gained for Brottor, 1440 gained for Jarik and Kendrik.

Wild Goose Chase
Set all over Perrenand

The adventure started with a message from Hasten Weisspeer requesting your assistance. Hasten asked you to investigate a suspicious customer at an apothecary. After a chase, you were led to Den Rotgat, a bar of ill repute. You found your quarry there, but had a difficult time getting the information you wanted out of him. Arguments over looting privileges were had, but you journeyed off to Schwarztenbruin before things could come to a head. A little tornado interfered with your journey, but otherwise it was fairly uneventful. In Schwarztenbruin, following the trail, you discovered the ghost of somebody who knew where Hanne Weisspeer was being held. He requested that you provide his body its funeral rites, and told you where Hanne was being held. You found and buried his body (and found a treasure trove along the way), and returned his head to his cousin (before looting his apartment). Next, you headed on Northwards to the old abandoned stadt where Hanne was reported to be.

You found the stadt and raided it, taking out the weak opposition that resided there. However, you found evidence that explosives of some sort were headed for the capital, and rode South with all due haste to see what you could do to head any explosion off.

To be continued…

XP: 555 to all, +10 to Kendrick for such beautiful funeral rites


GP: 1427 gp in selling lootstuffs (including selling your Khondkhanen).

A Long Way for a Little Knowledge
Set in Greyhawk City and the Cairn Hills

Fonkin asked you to drop by the temple of Lydia, where a man was dying from unknown causes. Fonkin said he could help, but you would need to travel to the Tower of Ramire to acquire the knowledge. The tower turned out to be a gnome illusionist’s tower, and after an exchange of riddles, he agreed to give you the knowledge you were after, from the Lady of the tower (a sphinx). She said that the circlet that the man wore was a cursed circlet of wererat origin, and that he should remove his jewellery and instead wear a special amulet for the rest of his life. Heading back to Greyhawk City, you were approached by a shady figure who offered to give you gold in exchange for the circlet, if you could return it to him. The man was saved, and you promised to dispose of the circlet properly. You took the circlet to your contact, who paid you your money, and there the adventure ended.

XP: 1250 xp for Brottor and Illene, 1400 for Kendrick

GP: 2350 gp (600 gp of which came from giving a cursed item to a bunch of wererats, you do realise?)

You paid to get Kendrick’s sword enchanted, and Fonkin produced the promised +2 Amulet of Health.

The Hidden Fortress
Set in the Bright Desert

Fonkin requested that you investigate a tower in the Bright Desert, to see if you could find any strange magical artefacts or other knowledge there. You decided to leave your modron follower with Fonkin for its own safety.

You set out on a boat to the Southern part of the Bright. Travelling through the hills towards the desert, you ran into a centaur, who bade you beware the forces of Rary in the area. A little further on, you encountered the massacre of a norker tribe. One lone norker, Narthos, survived. Giving him food and water, he travelled with you for a ways. Travelling through the desert, you saw a blue dragon fly overhead, whose moan struck fear into your very hearts, but didn’t otherwise engage you. You eventually made it to the tower you sought.

Inside the tower, you discovered that it was largely buried by sand. At the top of the tower, where you entered, a desiccated corpse clutched onto a spear and a scroll, which had a message for any who might find it. The rest of the tower was guarded by a Guards and Wards spell, much to your annoyance. The only thing of interest you found in the tower was right down the very bottom, where a room with chromatic dragon motifs was guarded by a deadly trap (that didn’t kill Brottor). Inside the room, you were assailed by a dreamstealer, who proved to be completely ineffective. There was also a prismatic sphere guarding something. Illene, however, worked out that the sphere was an illusion, and inside it lay something else. However, a cylindrical force field prevented you from reaching the funny rock inside it. You could read a fragment of a scroll however, which said something about “Unaagh” and a “bridge to darkness”. Feeling that there was not much more to do, you left the tower (forgetting to bring the corpse back as his note requested), and travelled back to meet your boat. As you travelled, you were attacked by the blue dragon, which almost brought about your ruin. Feeling lucky to be alive, you travelled back to Greyhawk City.

XP and GP: See next adventure (ran as a pair)

You paid 2950 gp for an atonement for Kendrick, having betrayed the principles of his deity. The priest let you off just this once, Kendrick, and gave you a 2500 gp discount.



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