Living Greyhawk Redux

Taking Flight
Set on the Plane of Avernus

XP: 4160 to Jarik, Maethil and Brottor (-400 spent by Brottor)
GP: 19,116 gained, 25,000 spent

  • Periapt of Wisdom +6 (Claimed by Brottor)
  • Tajlo’s Stuff (Armor, shield, sword)
  • Planar Key to Hell


Tail's End
Set in Laufgen

XP: 4680 XP to Brottor, Illene, Maethil and Jarik (-200 spent by Brottor)
GP: -20,600 (after two True Resurrection spells!)

  • Anklet of Translocation (Jarik)
  • Badge of Valor (Gildon)
  • Armbands of Might (Maethil)
  • Ring of Counterspells (Jarik)
  • Vest of Resistance +2 (Jarik)
  • Circlet of Rapidcasting


  • From travelling into the swamp, you are all Swamp Touched
  • You have Stood up for the Little Folk
  • You have destroyed the source of Raticus’ Clones (or so you think). Having taken a little rat head each as a trophy, you hope that you have seen the last of the rodent.
  • Laufgen is in your debt. They welcome you to come back any time you wish, with open arms. They promise that next time, you won’t have to solve their problems for them!

Jarik's Adventure on the Plane of Air
Set on the Plane of Air

XP: Jarik gained 2050 xp


  • Jarik returned to the Prime Material plane!

The Diadem of Kir Russ
Set in the Middle of Lake Quag

So far…

XP: Session 1: Brottor, Illene, Jarik and Maethil are on the receiving end of 3600 xp; Kendrick is on the receiving end of 6200 xp.
Session 2: 2480 xp to Brottor, Illene and Maethil
Session 3: 4600 xp to Brottor, Illene, Maethil and Jarik

GP: 21,850 gained

  • Cloak of Elemental Protection (1,000 gp) (Jarik)
  • Angelhelm (10,000 gp) (Maethil)
  • Metamagic Rod of Silent Spell, Lesser (3,000 gp) (Illene)
  • Ring of Counterspells (4,000 gp) (Maethil)
  • Pink Rhomboid Ioun Stone (Constitution) (Illene)
  • Caduceus Bracers (Maethil)
  • Phylactery of Undead Turning (Kendrick)
  • Ring of Floating (Jarik)
  • Wilding Clasp (Brottor)
  • +1 Seeking Force Collision Shortbow “Incinerator” (Upgrade for Gildon)
  • +6 Belt of Giant Strength (Jarik)
  • +5 Mithril Fullplate (Jarik)
  • +6 Cloak of Charisma (Maethil)
  • +5 Vest of Resistance (Illene)


  • Jarik and Maethil both declared themselves Heretics to the Solar Meneliant
  • Many people used the Boon of Alcanix
  • You have all Braved the Storm
  • The cursed wishing well turned Twilight Sparkle bright pink. Unlike the other “blessings” from the wishing well, this one didn’t fade away completely, and has left Twilight Sparkle a vibrant purple color.
  • You have each received Perren’s Gift. To Brottor, it was his Coat of Arms. To Illene, it was a promotion in the den Zauber. To Gildon, it was to have the most powerful bow in the nation forged for him. To Maethil, Jarik, and Kendrick, it was to procure them with the gifts of the Voorman (included in the list of loot above).
  • All were awarded The Diadem Revealed
  • Gildon surrendered Boonbane to Perren.

The Jasmine Index
Set on the Isle of Cli

XP: 2880 for Brottor, Jarik, and Maethil, 3960 for Illene, and 4800 for Kendrick
GP: 14650 gp gained

  • +1 Buckler (given to Gildon)


Discord's Harmony
Set in Ulmt

XP: 2450 for Jarik, Brottor and Maethil, 3050 for Illene, 4050 for Kendrick
GP: 12800 from lootz!

  • Wand of CLW
  • 2 Scrolls of Sending (Divine)
  • Scroll of Restoration


Catching Breath
Set in the Sultanate of Zeif

XP: 2500 to Brottor, 3500 to Jarik and Maethil.
GP: 14327 profit from selling everything


  • Brottor spent 250 XP to awaken Hammy the Hamster, who subsequently gained a rogue level.
  • Brottor and Jarik have met with the power of The Serpent, and and now its Thralls.

Clipping Wings
Set in the Land of Black Ice

XP: 2300 to Brottor, 3100 to Jarik and Maethil
GP: 18202 in phat lootz


  • Belt of Magnificence for Jarik
  • Boots of the Winterland for Maethil
  • Everfull Mug for Jarik


A Little Soul Searching
Set in the occupied lands of Iuz

XP: 1900 to Illene, Brottor, and Maethil
GP: None

  • Arcane Scroll of Sending
  • Arcane Scroll of Teleport, Caster Level 15


Playing Both Sides
Set in the Bandit Kingdoms

XP: 2600 to Brottor, Illene and Maethil
GP: Net loss of 1025 gp



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