Living Greyhawk Redux

Return to the Isles
Set in the Isles of Woe on the Nyr Dyv

Legendary rumblings alerted us to to importance of finding the hands of Yagrax to stop the Ether threat. However, finding the hands first required finding a legendary sword that could guide us to them…

Groveling our way onto a grumpy captains boat (who unfortunately did not allow The Buckinator, son of Buck’s Revenge, may he rest in peace, onboard) we made our way to the Isles of Woe in the Nyr Dyv, a few days from the Greyhawk coast. These had disappeared for some time, only recently reappearing from the ether. We thought this would make it worthwhile to investigate them in regards to the ehter threat.

We met a jovial dragon turtle who gave us some background information (and a bit of a scare) and told us he’d be willing ot trade magical items when we got back. The captain gave us three days to investigate the island (overkill as we found out).

Embarking on the island, Brottor’s keen eyes spotted a cave. After some one-sided deliberation, we convinced the grumpy dwarf that investigating the cave first was the right move. Inside we happened upon a small lake, roughly 30’ deep. Brottor, as a polar bear, went for a swim with Jarik to investigate. They were found by an octopus hidding in the pool. We were about to dive in and attack it, when it smacked Brottor really hard and we beat a hasty retreat to regroup. The boss healed up Brottor, and Jarik chugged a potion of swimming (purchased from the sea captain), and we proceeded to make calamari out of the eight legged sucker. Exploring the pool, we found a narrow tunnel that the octopus appeared to be guarding.

Kendrick drank a potion of swimming, Illene turned into some swimming lizardthing, and we proceeded to explore the underwater tunnel. Bruising our way down the shaft, we reached a locked door with an ancient inscription. It said something about requiring magical hands to open it. Illene knocked the door down causing the water to rush through and sweep us into an air-filled room. We crossed through another inscribed arch, which revealed a sword on a pedestal. Kendrick bravely took the sword, but was unable to answer its riddle about who was the man who started all the trouble with Yagrax. He was really lucky not to get cursed, I think. Shoving the sword in a sack, we swam out and investigated the rest of the island.

We found the remains of a ruined village, fought some monsters and found a hut that appeared inhabited by a single humanoid. The humanoid turned out being a druid, charged with protecting the sword. Turned out he had done a fairly bad job at it. It also turned out we had killed his animal companion (the Octopus) so he was kinda grumpy. Illene talked things over and convinced him we needed the sword more than him (but he got geased into using it for it’s intended purpose) so he let us leave.

We got back on the boat, traded a bunch of loot so Jarik could get a belt of giant strength, and sailed off to stop the ether threat. Turns out the sword points towards the hands of Yagrax (we think). So far it has just taken us to the lands of Iuz.

XP: 500 to Brottor, Illene, and Jarik. 850 to Kendrick. I told you this was a small adventure ;-) Illene spent 8 xp scribing scrolls.
GP: none


  • You traded in a number of items to the Dragon Turtle Meddigallan in exchange for an application of Universal Solvent, and a Belt of Giant Strength +4 (for Jarik)
  • Illene has received a geas from the guardian Aganus. “You will use Malthindor, Oblivion’s Blade to banish the ethereal plague from this Oerth once again.”

Burning Cliffs
Set in the Burning Cliffs of the Barren Wastes, North of the Lands of Iuz

It began with a missive from the Shade, summoning you to Critwall. There, you met the enigmatic woman, who informed you of a research tower in the lands of Iuz, where the creation of the strange creatures seemed to be based. The Shade wanted you to ransack the tower, and bring back any and all information you could find. For some reason, a large event was taking place in Dorakaa, and the tower was expected to be empty while those celebrations lasted. Agreeing, you were told to come back the next morning, when you would be teleported to your destination.

Your destination turned out to be in the Burning Cliffs, far to the North of the lands of Iuz. A mage teleported you there, and gave you a signalling device, which you could use to summon him back to teleport you home.

Approaching the tower, you were met by an Imp by the name of Zezaxittaz, who said that he could postpone the alarm in the tower, but only if you smashed his summoning gem and killed his clones within the tower. He could postpone the alarm for only ten minutes, but each imp killed would give you another three.

The tower turned out to have a walled enclosure that also contained two other buildings. You gained entry by crossing the walls. Once inside the compound, you were attacked by fire elementals.

You went for the tower first. Entering by the back door, you found little of interest on the first floor, except for a secret passage heading down deep. You killed an imp on the first floor. The second floor had another imp in a specimen laboratory, where you found a lot of specimens of outsiders, and a logbook. The second floor also had a library where it appeared that somebody was studying hybrid creatures and the Abyssal plane. A secret library held specimens of the created species feldamon and crianca, as well as a spellbook.

The third floor held another imp, as well as a vault which contained the summoning gem, as well as some Abyssal onyx stones. The fourth floor had a golem crafting workshop, where you smashed some constructed creatures. It appeared that the golems were being crafted out of cold iron.

Next, you headed down to the basement, but were unable to figure out how to unlock the door down the bottom, so you headed outside. The forge was next, where you found and dispatched of another imp. There was a huge stockpile of cold iron weapons in the forge. It appeared that somebody was preparing for war. The other building in the compound was a storage house, and it contained vast stockpiles of cold iron.

As you were preparing to leave, Brottor thought to look over the cliff on which the compound was situated, and noted that about 300 feet down the cliff, there was another building of sorts. Illene decided to leave the compound while Brottor and Jarik investigated. The structure turned out to just house bats, but there was a door in the cliff. Smashing through that, and the next door, you found and killed the final clone. You found yourselves in a holding pen of some sort, although there were no creatures there at the moment. In the next room, you found the underground laboratory, defended by two feldamon, which almost killed you. A quick search of the desk found some potions and a research logbook. A supply room held a dead umberhulk in a vat, and the final door held a trap that teleported you back to the surface.

Your time up, you decided to leave. Zezaxittaz thanked you before disappearing to the Nine Hells, and you summoned the mage to bring you home. You gave the following to the Shade along with your report:

  • Knowledge that the Abyss, the outer planes, demon anatomy and weaknesses, celestial creatures, and hybrid creatures were being studied
  • Specimen jars of feldamon and crianca, as well as two books found in the secret library
  • The Abyssal onyx gemstones
  • The specimen log
  • Dragon ash vials you found with the spare golem parts
  • Notice of the weapon stockpile
  • The research log
  • Knowledge of the umberhulk in storage

The Shade thanked you for your efforts, and as part of your payment, told you about her secretive organisation, called the Drinkers of the Cup of Midnight.

XP: 980 to Brottor, 800 to Illene, 1280 to Jarik
GP: 130 gp worth of loot

  • Potion of Protection from Energy (Fire)
  • Potion of Protection from Energy (Sonic)
  • The Summoner’s Tome
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (CL 2), 10 charges


Set in Schwartzenbruin

Editor’s note: Memory is a malleable and unreliable thing, subject to deceit. No warranty is made that this summary is complete or accurate. -K

Troubled by the ill wind befalling Perrenland and somber after the service to Karenin Weisspeer, we made our way through the city of Schwartzenbruin when we were approached by a messenger. He delivered us a letter from our patron, Hasten Weisspeer and waited for us to read it and give a reply. In it, Hasten wrote of his suspicions concerning the new voorman, Orgus Bildgear, and his suspected ties to the Old One. He told us about the Girdle of Dian, which protects all of Schwartzenbruin from demonic invasion by preventing all summoning magic from working. He instructed us to remove it away to keep it safe from an Iuzian scheme to steal it, and to bring it to his contact in nearby Klatsberg, where it could be returned for safekeeping back to the place it was made. He suggested that we start with his friend the druid Jan Apfel, who could help us gain access to the girdle. He also told us that we must tell no one of the letter and burn it after reading, only giving the reply “yes” or “no” to the messenger. We of course replied in the affirmative, and then gave the letter to Illene for memorization and destruction.

We proceeded to the druid’s grove and spoke with Jan to get access to the girdle. He was uncooperative at first, but with a gift from Kendrick of cheap wine, he eventually agreed to help us into the Castle of Dian, which held the girdle. We made our preparations and met him in the middle of the night in front of the castle, where he opened the door for us and then departed. Within, we found the Lundoak, fabled to reflect in its branches the condition of Perrenland, and it looked rather unwell. We were attacked from within by two hags, who nearly killed Illene, but were soon dispatched by us. We found a portal, and lacking any other course of action, we proceeded through.

On the other side, we found a place that where the colors were even more vivid than they usually are. It was a pleasant contrast with the Plane of Shadows. There were multiple paths available, and not knowing which way to continue, we chose one and soon came upon a small henge, with a gnome in residence. He seemed a friendly enough chap, and upon parting he advised that we really must go see the lake. Continuing along a different trail we came to a cave, within which we found a dead figure in a robe, who had recently been killed by arrows.

After thoroughly searching the caves, we eventually found the end, wherein was the very Schwartzenbruin, a legendary bear sharing the same name as the city. We had been drawn by cries for help, which apparently came from a man standing high up on the wall, who asked for our help in escaping the bear, while the bear in turn wanted our help in swatting the man. Illene was quick to aid the bear, granting the bear a vastly improved jumping skill from a spell, which allowed him to reach the man and finish him. We then learned that the bear was defending the girdle from a band who was trying to steal it, and that one had escaped through a portal to the girdle. We followed through in order to stop him.

On the other side, we found ourselves in a room with no doors except the portal, and a grey elf standing guard, with several sarcophagi nearby. It turned out that the brigand had been killed already, or at least soon would be dead, and we swiftly received a face full of fireball, courtesy of the elf. Finding the situation to be quite other than we had expected, Jarik and I employed the better part of valor and left through the portal once more. Kendrick and Gildon were not so prudent, however, suffering a bout of vacuousness that induced them to remain several more seconds, nearly killing Gildon in the process. Meanwhile, Illene discovered that the elf considered Illene an ally, since they shared the same race, and subsequently Illene made a show of aiding the elf in scaring away the intruders. Once alone, the elf fell catatonic.

We all returned to the room, and a quick search yielded the location of the belt. We began to discuss ways to sneak it out. I discovered I could not conceal it by the use of wild shape, and it became clear that Jarik and I would not be able to contribute to smuggling the belt. Further discussion of what to do with the incapacitated elf took a darker turn, and when Jarik discovered that he could not overcome Kendrick, we both decided to leave the others to deal with the belt. We headed through the portal and shortly afterward departed for the lake.

Illene and Kendrick decided not to kill the helpless elf, and instead took all his valuables. Then after making preparations, Kendrick stowed the belt in his bag and made a mad dash for the cave entrance. He got by the bear, and though he gave chase the bear could not catch him. Illene and Gildon followed soon after, but found themselves bottled up by the bear at the cave entrance. Eventually, they managed to get by and split off. Gildon ran and Illene hid in the woods.

At the lake, we found that the water was exceptionally clear, clean, and refreshing. There was nothing magical we could find about it, but when I swam in it I found that it made me feel more pure, like an ideal of myself. I told Jarik about this and he took a swim as well.

We found Kendrick in the woods and returned to the portal where we encountered Gildon making all speed for it, with the bear in hot pursuit. Gildon went through the portal first and we followed immediately after. He immediately had several arrows through him and almost died again. We came through the portal after and fought a group of foes waiting there to ambush us. Kendrick also found himself close to death, but we made quick work of the enemies and he was well. One of our enemies actually surrendered and with a little prodding revealed that he was sent as a servant of the Dark One in the case that Hasten failed, indicating that Hasten was likewise nefarious.

This was a troubling revelation, and more troubling still is its reconciliation with our own thoughts. For us to steal the belt away must be just as bad as for anyone else to steal it away, so really what were we doing? Hasten had never given us instruction by sending secret letters; he’d always sent for us to meet him in person. With his soul locked away for a while in a black soul gem, he could well have become corrupted somehow, and may not be the Hasten we once knew. With this in mind, we decided to camp overnight and then cast a Divination to gain further insight about what we should truly do.

The next morning we cast the Divination and received the clear answer that we must surely return it to the bear or else Perrenland is doomed. Jarik and I wanted to do so immediately, and Illene sided with us as well, but Kendrick wanted to go deliver it to Hasten’s contact. When we presented a united front against him however, he gave in, and I volunteered to return it to the bear, which I did with profuse apologies. I also told Illene about the lake and Illene took a swim there as well.

When we emerged from the castle, we were greeted by the guards, who arrested us in connection with the death of Karenin. We spoke to Orgus about that matter and were absolved of wrongdoing. He also told us of his own suspicions about Hasten, which agreed with ours added further evidence against him. We parted from Orgus and went into the city pondering the events that had occurred.

A great evil nearly befell Perrenland today due to our own foolishness. This knowledge has me shaken, and I must never allow the like to happen again. I shall trust my instincts, and those of Jarik, in always pursuing the right. May Obad-Hai and the other Perrenese gods be with us.

Editor’s note: This thing is way too long. Holy cow. I’m sorry for everything. -K

DM’s addendum

The next day you hear that in a ritual in the Grand Temple of the Old Kerk in Schwartzenbruin, the Voorman Orgus Bildgear, before the assembled Pfaltzgrafs and Grafs of Perrenland, has torn up the non-aggression pact with Iuz. Moreover, he has taken the shreds and burned them in the holy fires of retribution in the shrine of Vathris, declaring a war of Null Kopkris (“no mercy”).

Bildgear’s words were:
“A Voorman dead, a nation deceived, regicide will be avenged and Perrenand will make a stand against evil and tyranny. We can stand idle no more as the world falls around us. Perrenders, I declare a state of war, and I call upon the Pax to comply with its ancient oath.”

The Divination of Kelanen

“Woe be to you and the city you’re in,
Should the girdle be taken away from a bear;
The Schwartzenbruin’s guard is the best it can be,
The city, the girdle, are safe in its care.”

XP: 970 to Jarik, 1120 to Illene, Kendrick and Brottor
GP: 200 gp from random loot selling

  • Keoghtom’s Ointment
  • +2 Ring of Protection
  • +1 Ring of Prot
  • +2 Longsword
  • +1 Longsword x2
  • +2 Mithril Chain Shirt
  • +2 Mighty +2 Str Composite Longbow

Yes, that is a lot of stuff. Make of that what you will.

Other: Illene, Jarik and Brottor Bathed in the Evergold

A Dark God's Laughter
Set in the Mounds of Dawn and the Plane of Shadows

Still plagued by the nightmares you first had last week (in A Man With Nothing), you were summoned by Karla Hussen and Hasten Weisspeer to to join a a secret expedition to Kir Russ, the ruined city you explored in Promises to Keep (and the location of a certain unexplored tunnel that Jarik has been obsessing over ever since). But before you left, Hanne had an extended version of the nightmare, which ended with an image of a dolmen (standing stone) on a hill in the Mounds of Dawn. Hanne and Karla were sure you would receive some sort of insight by visiting the dolmen in the flesh, and perhaps even learn the fate of Voorman Karenin Weispeer, who has been missing since the the destruction of the Schwarzenbruin council chamber in Tinderbox.

So you and Hanne left immediately for the Mounds of Dawn. There, you met the Keeper, a druid who guided you over rolling hills to a corn field. In the distance, you could see the hill (and the dolmen at its summit) that Hanne saw in her dream, but unfortunately, you arrived at a bad time. The sun was setting, and you found the field between you and the hill swarming with shadows coming up out of the field. A race to the hill ensued; Brottor discovered that shadows can fly as high as eagles can, Kendrick discovered that turning two shadows doesn’t help much with the other thousand, and Jarik discovered once again that full plate isn’t much protection against shadows. With some well-timed spells from Illene, however, the entire party and Hanne managed to make it to to dolmen.

Safe from the shadows below, you all fell asleep, and awoke (without Hanne) on the top of a Ziggurat in the Plane of Shadows, where everything but you appeared to be in black and white, and where time seemed to flow unpredictably fast. A minotaur was sacrificing lizard folk and dwarves in an evil ritual that you immediately interrupted. You prevailed against the Minotaur, but not before Jarik realized that taking a blow to the head from an angry minotaur’s axe really hurts.

You freed the only remaining sacrificial victim, a dwarf named Gurezh of the Khund. He led you across a warped version of Perrenland to the temple where the mother of all witches, Igg-Vurz, makes her lair. Gurezh hastily gave us the secret ritual to safely enter the back door and then vanished. But Kendrick decided to bite the statue’s right ear instead of her left and just managed to avoid being slain by an illusory phantom. Entering the stronghold, you found Hanne, her pregnancy far advanced, and the Voorman, who was enchanted somehow. After a few minutes of talking got you nowhere, Hanne made a desperate attempt to reach her father, which temporarily broke his enchantment. The Voorman ordered you to kill him and to under no circumstances bring him back to Perrenland, which he said was part of the witch’s evil plot. After agonizing over the decision, and when even Hanne’s tears could not dissuade you or the Voorman, Kendrick reluctantly granted Karenin’s last request.

Before his death, the Voorman told you of a portal back to the material plane. You wisely decided to high-tail it to the portal instead of venturing further into the temple, but you emerged not in Perrenland but back atop the Ziggurat, where you battled Igg-Vurz herself—-just as Hanne went into labor. The witch turned out to be really annoying, nearly killing Illene with an acid ball, fighting off the many creatures Brottor summoned, and convincing Jarik that he really needed to help deliver Hanne’s baby before fighting, even though Jarik knew so little about the process that he thought it could be done in six seconds. Kendrick and Brottor bravely fought the witch and bore the brunt of her wrath, and in the end you defeated her.

Following the battle, you were all returned to the dolem in the Mounds of Dawn. You brought back the Voorman’s head, but the local priests announced that he would not be returning from the dead. A somber funeral was held and Bildgear was sworn in as Voorman. As you were all about to go your separate ways, Jarik received a letter from Hasten, which revealed his suspicions that Bildgear may secretly be an enemy of the state. He feared that Bildgear might attempt to steal the Girdle of Dian in Schwarzenbruin, a powerful artifact which, to Brottor’s annoyance, prevents anyone nearby from summoning creatures. He asked that you discreetly move the girdle to a safer location, and you agreed to look into it…

XP: 875 for Jarik, 1155 for Kendrick, Brottor and Illene
GP: You managed to sell off the minotaur’s armor for scrap, for 800 gp

  • Metamagic Rod of Energy Substitution (Acid), Lesser (claimed by Illene)

A Man With Nothing
Part three of "For The Greater Good", set in Mitrik and Downfall, Veluna

It all started with a dream, one that seems to be plaguing all of Perrenland. Across a clear pool of water, you see a white bird flying. All around, the darkness of a great cavern looms threateningly. As you watch, the water in the pool begins to swirl as from its centre, a deep crimson stain begins to spread, staining the water the colour of blood. Suddenly, the bird stops in midair, and falling, it plummets towards the maelstrom of blood that the pool has become. Just before the bird strikes the water, you awaken. In the distance, the rumble of thunder sounds like the booming of some dark god’s laughter.

Kendrik, on the other hand, was having visions of Mitrik. Something was to be done there, and so the party headed to Mitrik, in Veluna. Once there, it started out innocently enough – some teenage lout was being arrested for graffitiing the walls. However, the graffiti was strange – it matched some of Kendrik’s tats. Before much investigation could be done, the party ran into Zelt Damascus, one of the previous bearers of one of Kendrik’s curses. He said that he had been working to try and hunt down the last priest who had betrayed the ritual of the Flight of Fiends. The graffiti had been going on for about a week – and seemed to be calling the curses to a place called Downfall. Would the party like to join him on the way there?

Heading towards Downfall, it turned out to he a huge cliff with a river running down it. Except, the river was dried out. Jarik looked around and found a tunnel, and the party followed the tunnel through to a portal. There were some ogres and a giant guarding the portal, but they fell easily. The portal opened when Kendrik got too close – and the Medallion of Dis melted in his pocket and turned into smoke.

The portal led to a strange place – a huge statue of Aaront, overlooking the town of Mitrik in pale red stone. The town was very quiet though. Beneath the statue was the Grand Temple of Mitrik, which looked really similar to the one you had seen previously in your dream-vision, back when you first met Aaront. Inside the temple in the main chamber, there were six panels of murals, and floating up near the domed top, a vortex of reddish mist. The panels were as follows:

  1. Shows the making of medallions in the temple of blood. “The making of our prison started with good intentions and without bars.”
  2. Shows the ritual of the flight of fiends. Three priests in particular are well detailed – the betrayers. “The weak willed were easily bent to our use but the Crook had other plans.”
  3. The ritual gone wrong. In the centre is a normal looking man with a very evil grin on his face and a tail snaking behind his back. It has a line drawn down the middle of him, dividing him in two. A demonic image is stretched to the right, a human image stretched to the left. “The being of what we are and always have been is no more. Our vessels shall be returned.”
  4. The stretched fiendish image from panel 3 is shown, swirling into a vast vortex of red mist with many such other images. “Our prison complete, we wait for the sheep to wander in to be reclaimed.”
  5. This panel is huge. It shows 303 human figures. next to each one is a line connecting it to a fiendish figure. Below each one is a symbol. The symbols match those of the tattoos. One of the pairs is missing a demonic image; it corresponds to a tattoo that does not glow on Kendrik’s body. “Our Lord and Master is outside the bounds of all that is. His freedom ensures our existence.”
  6. This panel is mostly blank. On one side is an image you recognise as Theron. On the other side, are pictures of Brottor, Kendrik, Jarik and Gildon.

Wandering out to talk to the people of this place, you learnt that there are 303 people. They just awoke here a number of years ago, with no memories. Every time somebody wanders into the temple, a devil comes out and tries to slaughter as many people as possible. That person then reappears with a blank memory, the next day. You went to talk to the leader, Sarid, who said that there was another outsider around. Each person has a symbol on their forehead – Sarid’s is that of Theron. Sarid expressed a desire to leave this place, but no knowledge of how to. At this point, somebody reported that some people had entered the temple – and we must go to fight the devils that will thus be created.

You went into the temple, to see three villagers being united with the red mist, and turned into devils. You fought the devils, and as each one died, they turned back into red mist again. After killing the devils, you were approached by Ra’Ned, the final priest of Rao. He had Aaront with him. He told you that Aaront was his son. And yes, he bears the third curse. He told you that this is the demiplane of Perdition, and it is not supposed to exist. But, it can still serve its purpose. The people here are innocent – the human halves of half-fiends trapped here when the Flight of Fiends was performed. There are 303 of them. However, there are only 302 fiends here, and so one fiend has escaped to the Material Plane to wreak havoc – Theron.

Ra’Ned proposed that you call Theron to here, by channeling energy into his tattoo on the Prime. Then, defeat him there, drag him into Perdition, and kill him there properly, so that he could join the other fiends trapped within. Afterwards, Ra’Ned would take all the tattoos, and you could lead the innocents out of Perdition. Ra’Ned would stay within Perdition until his penance with Rao or his mortal life was over, whichever came first, thus sealing the plane. This happened so, and you led the innocents back into Downfall. Once through the portal, you saw that it was reverting to the Elemental Plane of Water, and were flushed out into the basin.

Perhaps this is the end of the tale. Should Ra’Ned stay in Perdition, the fiends will be trapped in there with him. Hopefully, you never hear from him again…

XP: 1300 apiece (Jarik, Brottor, Kendrik)

GP: +2040 gp from the sale of stuffz

Cloak of Resistance +2
Bracers of the Magi


  • 5 x CLW potions
  • 1 x Haste potion
  • 1 x Resist Energy (Sonic)

Kendrik has lost his sweet tats.
The Medallion of Dis has vanished in smoke.
Gained: Influence with Redgar

Lost Souls
Set in Schwartzenbruin

It started, as all good tales do, in a tavern. This particular tavern was called The Latern, located in Schwartzenbruin. Bad weather combined with a lost Voorman made for poor spirits, but the bard this evening seemed to be keeping the smiles and the ale flowing this evening. Indeed, she has even painted you as heroes of Perrenland, and the drinks had been flowing freely your way. However, after a new round of drinks are ordered, the bard jumped on the patron, claiming he wasn’t drunk enough and should drink to preserve his honour. The man, first turning red, then looking worried, discards his ale and smashes out a window onto the street and into the night. The wood where his drink spilt began smoking, belying its poisonous nature.

After the assassination attempt, the bard introduced herself to you as Jemmeny Moonsong, and revealed that this evening, she was employed to keep you alive. She invited you to come to a meeting with her employer, stating that a number of people wanted you dead tonight. At the meetingplace, you met with a mysterious figure who introduced themselves only as “The Het”. They said that you had a benefactor who had paid handsomely for you to remain alive this evening, and brought to a ship in the harbour. Meanwhile, a ruse would be set up to make it look like you were dead.

Creeping out of the city through the undertunnels, you were eventually rowed to a ship in the harbour. On the ship, you were met by Ingolt Weisspeer and none other than Karla Hussen, Karl Hussen’s mother. They informed you that your current ship was chasing another ship, which carried Hanne Weisspeer and Karl Hussen, and hopefully, the souls of Hasten, Gutherie and Karenin. You were informed of your mission – in the melee, make your way to the hold of the ship, and capture Karl and Hanne. It was believed that some dread ritual was underway on board the ship – you must stop it if you can.

Soon, the ship was pulling alongside its quarry, and you saw that it had been beset by a huge fire elemental, causing the sails to fan up in flames. You met minimal opposition on the deck, and quickly headed beneath decks. You ran into some cultists of Tharizdun, and after dispatching them, made your way to the hold. Down there, you saw Karl and Hanne, as well as a man you may not have remembered, but on further reflection, you realised that you’d seen him before. The strange priest of the unmaker was almost certainly with Karl the first time you met him, when he captured you at the ruins of Kir Russ. He held a strange rod with which he seemed to maintain control over Karl and Hanne. On the floor was drawn a magical circle, with two black gems on a cloth inside.

A brief battle ensued, and just when it appeared that the priest was getting the upper hand, Karla appeared, and struck the controlling rod with her own, causing the magic in it to fizzle and vanish. Hanne fainted, and the priest screamed out “Interfering hag!”, and swung out at Karla. Karl interposed himself though, and the rod delivered a resounding blow to his head. The priest cursed you all to the abyss, muttered a word, and vanished. Karl looked up at his mother, and said “I am sorry mother, I have failed you all, I could not match him. Beware… Sepia a folly… watch the…” and died.

The two soul gems were recovered, and turned out to be those of Gutherie and Hasten, who could now be raised from the dead. Hanne, in a full confession, told a sorry tale of the dominance of Karl and herself at the hands of Brar, priest of Tharizdun the Unmaker, who answered to one called the “Crimson One”. She admitted to being involved in blowing up the council, but has no knowledge of where her father is. She suspects that Brar fled back to Kir Russ, where she and Karl were first placed under his thrall. For now, she is in the care of Karla.

Hasten turned to you, and asked, “So, how good are you at exploring subterranean complexes?”

XP: +1350 XP to Brottor, Illene and Jarik
GP: 2020 gp was your net from this adventure.
Items to purchase: If you wish to purchase a Cloak of Resistance +2 or a Brooch of Shielding, these items are available.

Battles in the Yatils
Set in the Yatil Mountains

Upon hearing that your favourite hole in the ground, the ruins of Kir Russ, were under attack, you joined the Auszugen to fight against an approaching army of undead. The first wave you fought were skeletons and wraiths; the second wave, zombies. In the final rush, you were asked to take on the leader of the dread army herself, deep in the citadel of Kir Russ. Inside, you found her, a red dragon in disguise, attempting to revive the dragon skeleton within. She had a bodak companion, a fearsome undead creature who caused lesser souls to die simply by meeting its gaze. In this manner, Illene fell. As Jarik slew the bodak, and the dragon complained “Why do I have to do everything myself?”, a shimmering appeared in the air, and the face of an old hag complained to the dragon that it had failed her for the last time, and with a word of eldritch power, the dragon died. The words to the party were “Tell your puny masters that I have returned to reclaim that which is mine!”. Fortunately, the dragon was using an Elixir of Life to revive her mate, and since she didn’t need it anymore, it could be used for Illene. For finding the bodies of the lost group of archaeologists, the archaeologist’s guild rewarded you with some of the items that they had found.

XP: +1260 XP to Brottor, Illene and Jarik
Stormfire Ring, claimed by Brottor
+2 Gloves of Dexterity, claimed by Illene
GP: -300 gp spent

Notice of the Old Hag for those present.

Set in Folly

Version for Kris and Sergei:
Having been abandoned by Kendrik, Gildon, and Brottor, it was decided that a shopping trip to Greyhawk City was in order. Jarik and Illene travelled to the Gem of the Flanaess, went shopping, and came home.

Version for Geoffrey and Greg:
Arriving in Greyhawk City, you found an advertisement wanting adventures, and applied. The Heironean paladin Sir Lebarat Tirien wanted your assistance in recovering a friend from his own potential undoings in the town of Folly, a place created by the mad archmage Zagig, still a human, to express his eccentricities. Now ascended to godhood, Zagyg’s high priest, Entropimus (or E~ as he prefers to be known), had set out to explore Folly. You travelled to Folly by means of a planar shifting spell, via a brief stopover in the Astral plane.

The town of Folly was just downright weird. It did indeed look like the plaything of a madman. However, as you started exploring it, your awareness was removed from your minds, and placed in another’s body. This didn’t happen just to you; apparently it happened to Entropimus and Lebarat too, and where once stood a man of noble bearing, now was a deranged madman. After some discussion, you convinced Entropimus to go and find his old body, which was in a whirlwind building, pieces of rooms scattered throughout a living tornado.

The first major room you came to looked like a cross, but as you stepped foot on it, it folded up with directional gravity, and you were placed on different faces. Furthermore, a number of gingwatzim were summoned, leading you to a fight. Of course, the GM forgot about the weird DR that these creatures had (DR 10/subdual), and so you beat them easily, although Illene’s body was completely drained of strength, and even Jarik’s body came out of the ordeal feeling weak. The cube unfolded again, and three things appeared. A chest, a lever, and the number 175. The chest had an odd poem on it, an Ode to a Gingwatzim, which read like a riddle, but you never quite cracked it. The lever had an “on” position and an “off” position; it was off, you turned it on.

The next room you came to was a funny room of blackness and whiteness, with various columns strewn about the place. In the white area, the columns rose and fell randomly as you jumped on them, and the place seemed to be infused with positive energy. The black area was separated from the white area by a wall of force. Eventually, following E~’s suggestion, you went under the wall of force, and the areas of positive and negative energy cancelled each other. Searching in the now only dark area, you found another number. There was a lever here as well.

The next room was a gutted spiral staircase, with a control panel, which you quickly figured out could move the rooms in the whirlwind around. You moved on before playing with it too much though.

The next room was a tower, where Lebarat was waiting patiently inside Entropimus’s body. There was a lever here too, but you couldn’t find any numbers.

The next room was an inverted pyramid with piles of junk. As you were searching through the piles of junk for the associated number and lever, you were attacked by a bunch of wacky constructs. Feeling somewhat akin to the constructs, Entropimus decided to give them a hand, and hindered you in your fight. You eventually found the lever and number associated with this platform.

The final room, up near the very top of the whirlwind, was a doughnut with outward directional gravity. Inside, it was a museum, of all sorts of odds and ends. Illene’s favourite was the apparatus of Kwalish, although there were all sorts of random things here. Although there was a lever here too, you couldn’t find the associated number. There was a box of odds and ends that Entropimus went through, and eventually he pulled out a couple of items for you – a Collar of Tusmit, and a Golembane Scarab.

You went back to the control room, and solving a simple puzzle there, figured out what the two missing numbers must be, although which one was which wasn’t certain, but that ended up not mattering. Bringing the central structure back together, your consciousnesses floated back to their own bodies, and Lebarat declared it was time to go. Entropimus wasn’t too pleased, but Lebarat told you to grab him, and teleported away all four of you.

Back in Greyhawk City, Entropimus danced a little jig and vanished, while Lebarat sighed, paid you your dues, and headed off to find Entropimus again.

XP: +1110 xp for Jarik and Illene
GP: 400 gp


Set in the Lands of Iuz

While Brottor went to the wild to summon the Buckinator, the rest of you were hired by a merchant to guard their caravan on a journey to Needlebough, near the border between the Empire of Iuz and the Shield Lands. Jaedric and Halon, his bodyguard, were rather glum company, and it rained continuously on the journey. Close to Needlebough, Jaedric wanted to push on through the night in order to get a hot meal and a warm bed. Halon was not so sure, and his reluctance was understandable when the wagon hit a rut and broke the axle. You spent another unpleasant night, and hoped to get on to Needlebough the next day.

The rain let up for what seemed the first time in weeks the next morning, and although it was foggy and grey, the four of you trudged on to Needlebough in order to purchase a new axle. Jaedric and Halon stayed behind with the wagon. Arriving in Needlebough, you found a scene of devastation. In the middle of the small hamlet, nailed to a post, was a dead elf. Attached to him was a parchment, from which a magical mouth appeared, warning you that death had come to this village, stay at your own peril.

In the village were a number of buildings. One was a house, burnt to cinders. Another was a temple, you determined of Farlanghan and Trithereon; a holy symbol to each remained in their own piles of fine ash. On the altar in the temple was what appeared to by a dead young child eunuch with milky red eyes, greyish skin, and leathery black wings. A magical band was around its neck. None of you were sure what this thing was. The wagoner’s shop had a man frozen in horror, made completely out of ash. Being careful not to touch him, you found a wagon axle and moved on. Another building was an inn. Inside, a longsword was stuck in the ground, and a white apron covered another pile of ash. You found nothing alive in the inn, but you did recover a finely made silvered dagger. Another building was the general store, which appeared to be devoid of life, but fully stocked, except for thunderstones. Some of you thought that you could loot some stuff from here, but a dwarven ghost appeared as you tried to exit, and demanded payment. You chatted to the ghost for a bit, trying to convince him that he was dead, but to little avail.

There were two other locations of interest in the town. The first was a track leading out of town, and the second was a smouldering pile of wood. You decided to investigate the pile of wood first. You spied three dead bodies in the pile here, and as Kendrik moved closer to inspect them, his eyes locked with a glowing pair of red eyes, and he turned to stone. Fortunately for the rest of you, you managed to slay the basilisk there without any other casualties. You decided to head back to the wagon to see if the merchants had something to fix the “turned to stone” condition, dragging Kendrik along with you, but leaving the axle behind (as collateral). You were fortunate that the merchants did indeed have a scroll of Break Enchantment, which restored Kendrik, and then you headed back to the hamlet to fetch the axle and explore the track. Down the track, you found a semi-insane man called Fischer, a trapper, who had somehow survived the attack on the village, through the use of thunderstones and holy water, he claimed. You headed back to the town, grabbed the axle, and went back to the wagon, delivering your report on the situation to Jaedric and Halon, and convinced them to turn around and leave. They agreed to do so, departing the next day, for it was already late at that point.

That night, however, you were attacked by two men. Luckily, Kendrik had the willpower to withstand their sleep arrows, at least, the first two, and raised the alarm. Dealing with the would be murderers, you found that one of them had a map to the secret lair. In the morning, you trudged off to find it.

At the secret lair, little more than a hovel in a hillside, you found two rooms. One had cages and a pair of bedrolls. Gildon managed to find a secret compartment containing a spellbook. In the other room, was a folding table, chair, bedroll, and chest. Gildon searched the chest for traps before opening it, but it still exploded in his face, and the papers that were inside became ash instantly. All that remained of value in the chest were a few coins.

Heading back to the wagon, you came across Jaedric, Halon and Fischer tied to the wheels, being interrogated by a wizard. As you approached, two children with milky red eyes and black leathery wings, wreathed in flames stepped out to attack you. Sitting on -9 hitpoints became a popular holiday spot, but eventually you prevailed. Fischer wanted to stay in his village, and so you, along with Jaedric and Halon, headed back to Rookroost (large town in the area).

After a final meal together, Jaedric finally dropped his persona, and admitted that the Shade had recommended you, and offered thanks from that elusive “organisation”. As thanks, he left three wooden chips on the table. At this point, you suspect you may have seen some of the creatures that Felkas informed you about, after your foray close to Dorakaa.

XP: 1120 xp each, mostly from the final combat, +20 xp Kendrik
GP: 1972

  • MW Silvered Dagger
  • 2 potions of Heroism
  • 1 potion of CMW
  • A Pendant of Breath (valued at 1500 gp)
  • A Spellbook (valued at 3600 gp, sells at cost, because wizards are greedy)

Other Stuff:

Dark Waves
Set in Traft

Travelling from Drell’s cave in the Clatspurs, you wended your way back to the city of Traft. Arriving through the city gates in the morning, you were greeted by the sight of a man in the stocks, a proclamation ongoing that despite being a revered member of the clergy, he was to be hung that evening for the murder of an aristocrat girl. Such is the kopprijs for his deed.

Talking to him, he implored you to investigate something strange about a relic his church received, which he believes possessed him and forced him to commit the crime. Agreeing to go looking, you headed off to the temple of Rao.

Along the way, you were attacked by an assassin, who unsuccessfully attempted to murder Jarik. At the temple of Rao itself, you talked to the man’s assistant. While being told about the relic, tiger nomads burst into the temple and killed him. It appears that you have started dabbling in something that somebody did not want you to. However, you had a lead on a furniture shop, called the Bottomless Haversack, and so you headed there next.

At the Bottomless Haversack, you encountered Birkie Blabbermouth, who didn’t want to speak to you. That is, while his tiger nomad buddies were in the shop with him. Afterwards, however, he blurted that all the furniture was coming from a warehouse and here it is and please don’t hurt him.

A short jaunt and an obligatory thug attack later, and you had arrived at the warehouse. Inside were a pack of rasts which you dealt with handily. There didn’t seem to be much here, but an elevator leading underground…

… which lead to a white dragon. Glacialismagnificus, as he introduced himself, monologued that Panshazek of the Boneheart had sent him to Traft to oversee the distribution of once-holy relics tainted by the Old One. He mentioned something about a Crook bringing Old Wicked low, but you’re not exactly sure what that was all about. Regardless, he almost wiped the floor with you (or perhaps he did wipe you with the floor?), and it was only for the intervention of Moradin that you survived.

Stacked up the back was a bunch of furniture, and hidden amongst it were the tainted relics. Racing back to save a man’s life, bringing evidence of a chromatic dragon, no less, you convinced the Watch Detective to spare the priest’s life. Afterwards, the acting Voorman, Bildgear, announced that Perrenland was going to send troops to Vesbergen to prepare for the annulment of the pact of neutrality with Iuz.

XP: 1300 for Jarik, 1510 for everyone else. Brottor, Illene, Kendrik and Gildon level
GP: 1366 gp from selling goodies and junk, -540 from spells


  • 20 throwing axes coated with Black Adder Venom
  • Arcane scrolls of Ice Knife, Spell Flower, and False Life
  • 1 large white dragon’s worth of hide (see pp 115-116 of the Draconomicon for what can be done with it; you may want to save up for when you have multiple dragonhides available to make something ;-)


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