Bathed in the Evergold

After bathing in the Evergold (Regicide), you feel like you have become more aligned with your ideal of yourself. As the water drips off your body and you dry, you notice subtle changes begin to take place within yourself.

You may select up to two of the following options (options may be selected twice):

  • Reselect up to two feats
  • Reassign up to 12 skillpoints
  • Reselect up to 4 spells known (for spontaneous casters)
  • Reassign up to 3 points from your initial point buy for ability scores
  • Change one class feature selection

Your character must be a valid character build after any changes (ie, you could build it from level 1 and it would be valid). If your intelligence changes, you gain or lose the corresponding skillpoints.

Bathed in the Evergold

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