Judgement of the Solar Meneliant

The solar Meneliant has judged you, based on whether or not you declared yourself a traditionalist, heretic, or neither.


  • Brottor
  • Kendrick
  • Gildon
  • Illene


  • Maethil
  • Jarik

Both of whom declared their heretic nature at a later stage (in The Diadem of Kir Russ)


Those who sit on the fence were bound by a Geas of Indecision by Meneliant. One may lift this geas at any time by calling loudly to Meneliant, and declaring their choice. The Geas of Indecision rests ever on your mind, causing you to falter at critical moments, resulting in a -2 penalty to initiative checks.

Judgement of the Solar Meneliant

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