Mark of Avernus

The cursed tattoos of 101 devil’s names featured in the For the Greater Good series. Kendrik picked up the Mark of Avernus in Ashes of Innocence, as well as the Mark of Cania in Fury of a Cold Man’s Heart, from the paladin Zelt Damascus. Together, they form the Mark of Stygia.

The Marks of Avernus and Stygia were passed to the fallen Priest of Rao, Ra’Ned, in A Man With Nothing, leaving Kendrick a living man once again.

The Mark of Avernus

The Mark of Cania

The Mark of Stygia

This mark occurs when a character has both the Mark of Avernus and the Mark of Cania. These runes appear as tattoo’s on the left arm, chest, and back of the person cursed with them. The runes are in infernal, and spell out the true names of 202 devils. The runes crawl over the afflicted person’s skin forming new names constantly. The curse provides several benefits as well as drawbacks. The bearer of the curse is granted DR 5/Magic, Cold and Fire Resistance 5, and is immune to paralysis and stunning. Any wounds suffered by this character cannot be healed by non-magical means, and the character dies instantly at 0 hp. The bearer of this curse is also immune to 0th and 1st level curative magic. The bearer’s skin loses its color and looks dead. The bearer also does not have any detectable heartbeat. This lack of humanity leads to a -4 penalty on charisma based skill interactions (except Intimidate).

The Mark of Nessus

Mark of Avernus

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