Perren's Boon

For your service to Perren above and beyond the call of duty, you have earned his eternal gratitude. Your names are entered on the roll of Voormannsgardt, and you are promoted to Rechters of Perrenland too. You are placed on the Council of Perrenland, and raised to speak with Perren’s Voice. He tells you all about his plans for fame and glory in the future, to raise Perrenland to a shining example in all of the Flanaess and beyond…

“You shall be placed highest amongst my council. You shall answer to no one but me, and will be free to act in my name. You shall be my messengers against the darkness and more, and you shall help me lift this nation to the loftiest heights of power and influence in Oerth!”

The following benefits are bestowed upon you:

  • Illene and Jarik have been revived from the dead by the Old Kerk, using the most powerful of magics available to them.
  • Illene is promoted to the Emerald Zauber.
  • The inventory of the Old Kerk, Auszugen, and den Zauber are made available for your purchase.
  • The den Zauber and Old Kerk are instructed to make available a single Wish or Miracle spell to remove an ailment or curse from you, as Perren’s finest.

Jarik chose to have his Fear of the Foul Breezes removed.
Illene chose to have her Sorrow from the Well of Sorrows removed.
Maethil – ?
Brottor chose to have his electricity vulnerability removed.

Perren's Boon

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