Plot Threads

There are a number of plot threads wending their way through this world. Major plotlines are listed here, along with the adventures that were a part of that thread.

Worldwide Arcs

For the Greater Good

This series deals with The Flight of Fiends, what went wrong, and the aftermath. The manifestation of the betrayal of the ritual is in the form of three separate curses, each displaying the true names of 101 devils over the bearer’s body in tattoo form.

The Ether Threat

This series deals with the Ether creatures taking over the land of Tenh, which you witnessed the beginning of.

Windows to the Serpent’s Soul

This series investigates the story of the Serpent. It all began with a little kobold paladin

The Sins of Ages Past

This series deals with the origin of The Dreaming. However, it will forever remain a mystery, as again, we have run out of time to play through this series.

Adventures with Fonkin

Fonkin is a gnomish wizard in Greyhawk City who has employed you a couple of times. He currently looks after Jarik’s Modron henchman.

Perrenland Arcs

The Voorman’s Daughter

This is the main plot arc in Perrenland. It deals with the election and disappearance of the Voorman, as well as the aftermath.

A Nation Mocked

This plot arc picks up the pieces after Regicide, the conclusion of The Voorman’s Daughter series. Perrenland has a new Voorman, who has torn up the pact of Neutrality with Iuz. What could this possibly bode for the country? This plot arc will continue Perrenland’s story until the very end of the campaign.

The Kingdom of Khundholm

This series looks at the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Khundholm, in the Yatil Mountains.


This series investigates a series of strange occurrences in the Yatil mountains, starting with what was once thought to be bandits, but was soon discovered to be an army.

Ratticus and the Town of Laufgen

This series deals with Eugene Ratticus Maximus, a deranged megalomaniacal awakened half-dragon half-fiend dire mouse wizard, who plagues the sorry town of Laufgen, and just won’t stay dead. You couldn’t run away from there fast enough, and even punished the town by inflicting a rogue modron upon them. Regardless, you’re sure you’ll be back one day, to see how they’re doing…

Iuz Arcs


This series looks at the efforts against Old Wicked by a secret organisation. In particular, it looks at why Iuz is devoting so much effort to creating armies of strange new creatures.

Plot Threads

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