Living Greyhawk Redux

Battles in the Yatils

Set in the Yatil Mountains

Upon hearing that your favourite hole in the ground, the ruins of Kir Russ, were under attack, you joined the Auszugen to fight against an approaching army of undead. The first wave you fought were skeletons and wraiths; the second wave, zombies. In the final rush, you were asked to take on the leader of the dread army herself, deep in the citadel of Kir Russ. Inside, you found her, a red dragon in disguise, attempting to revive the dragon skeleton within. She had a bodak companion, a fearsome undead creature who caused lesser souls to die simply by meeting its gaze. In this manner, Illene fell. As Jarik slew the bodak, and the dragon complained “Why do I have to do everything myself?”, a shimmering appeared in the air, and the face of an old hag complained to the dragon that it had failed her for the last time, and with a word of eldritch power, the dragon died. The words to the party were “Tell your puny masters that I have returned to reclaim that which is mine!”. Fortunately, the dragon was using an Elixir of Life to revive her mate, and since she didn’t need it anymore, it could be used for Illene. For finding the bodies of the lost group of archaeologists, the archaeologist’s guild rewarded you with some of the items that they had found.

XP: +1260 XP to Brottor, Illene and Jarik
Stormfire Ring, claimed by Brottor
+2 Gloves of Dexterity, claimed by Illene
GP: -300 gp spent

Notice of the Old Hag for those present.


I thought Hasten was dead?!

Battles in the Yatils

She was referring to whatever leadership your pathetic country might have, of course ;-)

Battles in the Yatils

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