Living Greyhawk Redux

Burning Cliffs

Set in the Burning Cliffs of the Barren Wastes, North of the Lands of Iuz

It began with a missive from the Shade, summoning you to Critwall. There, you met the enigmatic woman, who informed you of a research tower in the lands of Iuz, where the creation of the strange creatures seemed to be based. The Shade wanted you to ransack the tower, and bring back any and all information you could find. For some reason, a large event was taking place in Dorakaa, and the tower was expected to be empty while those celebrations lasted. Agreeing, you were told to come back the next morning, when you would be teleported to your destination.

Your destination turned out to be in the Burning Cliffs, far to the North of the lands of Iuz. A mage teleported you there, and gave you a signalling device, which you could use to summon him back to teleport you home.

Approaching the tower, you were met by an Imp by the name of Zezaxittaz, who said that he could postpone the alarm in the tower, but only if you smashed his summoning gem and killed his clones within the tower. He could postpone the alarm for only ten minutes, but each imp killed would give you another three.

The tower turned out to have a walled enclosure that also contained two other buildings. You gained entry by crossing the walls. Once inside the compound, you were attacked by fire elementals.

You went for the tower first. Entering by the back door, you found little of interest on the first floor, except for a secret passage heading down deep. You killed an imp on the first floor. The second floor had another imp in a specimen laboratory, where you found a lot of specimens of outsiders, and a logbook. The second floor also had a library where it appeared that somebody was studying hybrid creatures and the Abyssal plane. A secret library held specimens of the created species feldamon and crianca, as well as a spellbook.

The third floor held another imp, as well as a vault which contained the summoning gem, as well as some Abyssal onyx stones. The fourth floor had a golem crafting workshop, where you smashed some constructed creatures. It appeared that the golems were being crafted out of cold iron.

Next, you headed down to the basement, but were unable to figure out how to unlock the door down the bottom, so you headed outside. The forge was next, where you found and dispatched of another imp. There was a huge stockpile of cold iron weapons in the forge. It appeared that somebody was preparing for war. The other building in the compound was a storage house, and it contained vast stockpiles of cold iron.

As you were preparing to leave, Brottor thought to look over the cliff on which the compound was situated, and noted that about 300 feet down the cliff, there was another building of sorts. Illene decided to leave the compound while Brottor and Jarik investigated. The structure turned out to just house bats, but there was a door in the cliff. Smashing through that, and the next door, you found and killed the final clone. You found yourselves in a holding pen of some sort, although there were no creatures there at the moment. In the next room, you found the underground laboratory, defended by two feldamon, which almost killed you. A quick search of the desk found some potions and a research logbook. A supply room held a dead umberhulk in a vat, and the final door held a trap that teleported you back to the surface.

Your time up, you decided to leave. Zezaxittaz thanked you before disappearing to the Nine Hells, and you summoned the mage to bring you home. You gave the following to the Shade along with your report:

  • Knowledge that the Abyss, the outer planes, demon anatomy and weaknesses, celestial creatures, and hybrid creatures were being studied
  • Specimen jars of feldamon and crianca, as well as two books found in the secret library
  • The Abyssal onyx gemstones
  • The specimen log
  • Dragon ash vials you found with the spare golem parts
  • Notice of the weapon stockpile
  • The research log
  • Knowledge of the umberhulk in storage

The Shade thanked you for your efforts, and as part of your payment, told you about her secretive organisation, called the Drinkers of the Cup of Midnight.

XP: 980 to Brottor, 800 to Illene, 1280 to Jarik
GP: 130 gp worth of loot

  • Potion of Protection from Energy (Fire)
  • Potion of Protection from Energy (Sonic)
  • The Summoner’s Tome
  • Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (CL 2), 10 charges




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