Living Greyhawk Redux

Moradin's Forge

Set in the Nation of Khundholm

Journeying back to Khundholm to help clear out the tunnels, your adventure started with a drunken party. The party didn’t last long, however – soon, news that Moradin’s forge was under attack filtered through, and you joined the call to arms. As part of the dwarven warband, your first assignment was to help dispatch some fire giants. The party soon learned that fire giants are tough bastards, even without their weapons, as Brottor was slain. A dwarven cleric was thankfully present to raise Brottor from the dead, although such magic comes at a cost.

Journeying onwards to rejoin the warband, you came across a carriage being driven at reckless speed by some derro. The wagon careened and crashed into the wall, and the derro opened fire. They were easily dealt with. However, inside the carriage, there lurked an explosive device of some sort – the part got out of the way just in time to avoid the huge explosion.

As you drew close to Moradin’s Forge, you met with some Azers, who gave you some information on the forge and the history of the Khund and derro. They were just there on a pilgrimage to the forge, however, and didn’t want to intervene. In the forge itself, a number of fire giants lay dead, but a variety of derro were engaged in battle against the Khund. Baradon himself was holding a bridge against them, although he looked to be being picked off by a derro sorcerer. You engaged the sorcerer, and after taking him out, the tide swung in the favour of the Khund, and the derro were soon routed.

In gratitude for your help in the defense of the forge, you were presented with an Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe.

XP: Brottor died and went back to 12500 XP, then gained 1500 xp for the adventure. Illene gained 1500 xp for the adventure, and Jarik gained 1200 xp.


  • Adamantine Dwarven Waraxe
  • All other loot sold, including some magic items, in order to pay for raise dead. Net loss from adventure: 1448 gp



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