Living Greyhawk Redux

Night of Steel

Set in Schwartzenbruin

Finding their way to Schwartzenbriun, our heroes enjoyed the festival that was taking place. However, after dark, they came across a man, stabbed in an alleyway and dying, who beseeched them to head to Ingolt Weisspeer’s manor. The dying knight passed on his sword, the mighty Vaukieper, to Jarik, before passing away. Armed so, the party headed to the Weisspeer manor. Dealing with multiple assailants inside, the party eventually met up with Ingolt Weisspeer, the target of the assassination. An unknown man beseeched the party to flee with Ingolt to the docks square, as some darkness was hunting them. Upon reaching the docks, Ingolt’s spell of light nullified the darkness of their final assailant, a Vrock – a demon of Iuz. Jarik managed to distract the vrock long enough for Ingolt to contain it, but as it vanished, it struck out with its power and felled Ingolt to the ground. Illene was first on the scene, and ascertained that Ingolt was only bluffing, but Ingolt’s brother Hasten arrived, declaring his brother dead, and a procession marched back to the Weisspeer manor. The man who told the party to flee was revealed as the Voorman Karenin Weisspeer himself, who was much saddened by the loss of not only his cousin, but also his neice Tamarind, who was married to the Roodberg Pfaltzgraf, and killed in the attack.

XP: 980 to Brottor, Illene and Jarik

Gold: 427 from gold found, 614 from loot sold, 1400 from Khondkhanen


  • 1 Potion of Cure Serious Wounds


  • Brottor, Illene and Jarik are cursed with the Ire of Iuz



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