Living Greyhawk Redux

Promises to Keep

Set in the ruins of Kir Russ

As Illene went off to seek theological insights, your troupe was invited to a celebration in Rikkendal – for Fraedrig Zussrig, sole surviving son of the Zussrig family (Adventure #1 with Little Janni the ogre), had returned home to claim his right as owner of the stadt. Little Janni was particularly happy to see you. The next morning, a messenger brought word from Hasten Weisspeer that Reggi Das, brother of Roggo Das, had been located in a mining camp a few day’s ride North towards the Mounds of Dawn. Hasten suggested heading to an inn, and asking for a guide to the mining camp. Doing so, once you arrived at the mining camp, you were captured, and thrown into a slave pen. You found out that Reggi was a slave master here (as she was under the impression that she was doing so to keep Roggo alive, who all she knew of was that he was held by Karl). Karl Hussen himself came to gloat at you, along with his friend Jasper Morgenrood, who ran the mining operation. In order to expedite your demise, you were sent along with Reggi into the ancient ruins of Kir Russ, ostensibly hunting for treasure for Karl. However, light rains (and the lack thereof) had lowered the level of the dam at the end of the canyon sufficiently that you managed to escape down a tunnel, which led back to the mining camp. Under cover of darkness, the slaves were freed, and a riot began. Yourselves, you took to Jasper’s headquarters, and took him prisoner. He pleaded for his life in exchange for information on what Karl has been doing. Armed with this knowledge (and Reggi’s testimony), you have travelled back to Krestible to inform Hasten. Jasper’s testimony was called for before the Council of Schwartzenbruin, but soon after he testified, he was found dead, a single crossbow bolt to the back of his head. Once a candidate for the Voorman of Perrenland, Karl Hussen, now shamed, has gone into hiding – none know where he is. Alas, however, for Hanne Weisspeer has also vanished. It is believed that she has been abducted by Karl.

XP: 1150 to Jarik, Kendrick, Brottor and Oak
GP: 890 gp


  • +1 Handaxe



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