Living Greyhawk Redux

Return to the Isles

Set in the Isles of Woe on the Nyr Dyv

Legendary rumblings alerted us to to importance of finding the hands of Yagrax to stop the Ether threat. However, finding the hands first required finding a legendary sword that could guide us to them…

Groveling our way onto a grumpy captains boat (who unfortunately did not allow The Buckinator, son of Buck’s Revenge, may he rest in peace, onboard) we made our way to the Isles of Woe in the Nyr Dyv, a few days from the Greyhawk coast. These had disappeared for some time, only recently reappearing from the ether. We thought this would make it worthwhile to investigate them in regards to the ehter threat.

We met a jovial dragon turtle who gave us some background information (and a bit of a scare) and told us he’d be willing ot trade magical items when we got back. The captain gave us three days to investigate the island (overkill as we found out).

Embarking on the island, Brottor’s keen eyes spotted a cave. After some one-sided deliberation, we convinced the grumpy dwarf that investigating the cave first was the right move. Inside we happened upon a small lake, roughly 30’ deep. Brottor, as a polar bear, went for a swim with Jarik to investigate. They were found by an octopus hidding in the pool. We were about to dive in and attack it, when it smacked Brottor really hard and we beat a hasty retreat to regroup. The boss healed up Brottor, and Jarik chugged a potion of swimming (purchased from the sea captain), and we proceeded to make calamari out of the eight legged sucker. Exploring the pool, we found a narrow tunnel that the octopus appeared to be guarding.

Kendrick drank a potion of swimming, Illene turned into some swimming lizardthing, and we proceeded to explore the underwater tunnel. Bruising our way down the shaft, we reached a locked door with an ancient inscription. It said something about requiring magical hands to open it. Illene knocked the door down causing the water to rush through and sweep us into an air-filled room. We crossed through another inscribed arch, which revealed a sword on a pedestal. Kendrick bravely took the sword, but was unable to answer its riddle about who was the man who started all the trouble with Yagrax. He was really lucky not to get cursed, I think. Shoving the sword in a sack, we swam out and investigated the rest of the island.

We found the remains of a ruined village, fought some monsters and found a hut that appeared inhabited by a single humanoid. The humanoid turned out being a druid, charged with protecting the sword. Turned out he had done a fairly bad job at it. It also turned out we had killed his animal companion (the Octopus) so he was kinda grumpy. Illene talked things over and convinced him we needed the sword more than him (but he got geased into using it for it’s intended purpose) so he let us leave.

We got back on the boat, traded a bunch of loot so Jarik could get a belt of giant strength, and sailed off to stop the ether threat. Turns out the sword points towards the hands of Yagrax (we think). So far it has just taken us to the lands of Iuz.

XP: 500 to Brottor, Illene, and Jarik. 850 to Kendrick. I told you this was a small adventure ;-) Illene spent 8 xp scribing scrolls.
GP: none


  • You traded in a number of items to the Dragon Turtle Meddigallan in exchange for an application of Universal Solvent, and a Belt of Giant Strength +4 (for Jarik)
  • Illene has received a geas from the guardian Aganus. “You will use Malthindor, Oblivion’s Blade to banish the ethereal plague from this Oerth once again.”



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