Living Greyhawk Redux

The Stone Man's Puzzle

Set in the Clatspur Mountains

You began in Verbeeg Hill, a town bordering the Vesve forest, having safely returned from the lands of Iuz. The rumourmill was hard at work today, with news that a giant stone man had waltzed into town, plucked out an accused tax cheat from the city court, stuffed him in a sack, and left town again. Knowing that rumours can get out of hand, you went to investigate the city court for yourself. At the court, the old bailiff begged you to see if you could recapture the escaped criminal. None of those present looked like they were keen to go chasing after a giant. Thus, you ended up following the giant’s tracks out of town. Along the way, you came across a couple of hill giants with their direwolf puppy.

At the end of the day, you came across a gnomish settlement. They weren’t all that pleased to see you, and seemed to be covering for the giant in some way. Ignoring them, you trundled on through. The next day, you arrived at the giant’s cave, and he invited you in to talk. It turns out that Drell, the stone giant, has a maths problem in the back of his cave, and its been interrupting his meditations, because he doesn’t know how to solve it. Thus, he borrowed Cullen Gregor, an accountant renowned for his skill with numbers, to solve it. The puzzle appeared to be a maths problem, but before you could deal look into it too closely, a loud voice challenged Drell, who went outside to see what was the matter. Another stone giant was intent on murdering the peaceful giant, and so you went out to defend Drell. After some difficulty, the stone giant fell, and you returned to look at the puzzle. It appeared that Cullen had vanished, but had left annotations on the puzzle enough to figure out that it was a riddle. Solving it, you were pulled through the wall to a secret complex.

Inside the complex, there were five rooms, each with strange magical runes crawling all over them. An entranceway, a pantry, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a laboratory. It was in the laboratory that you found a grotesque creature made from the bodies of gnomes sewn together. It was in the process of killing Cullen, but was somewhat interrupted by your appearance. After doing battle with the flesh golem, you investigated the laboratory and found a magical helmet. Leaving the strange place by the same way you came, you found the gnomes from the village chatting to Drell outside. You decided to let Cullen go, and he promised that he had friends around the Flanaess whose help might be useful to the party.

Leaving, you continued on over the Clatspurs to Traft, where the next adventure will begin.

XP: 1100 to those not Jarik. 900 to Jarik
gp: None

  • Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic (5200 gp in value)

Other: Brottor, Gildon, Illene and Jarik are afflicted by Arcane Numerology.



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