Gender: Female
Rank: Hero Deity
Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Kobolds, Rebellion, Sorcery, Dreams, Liberty
Titles: The Dreamer, Protector of Kobolds, Peacemaker
Holy Symbol: Five-pointed star with a swirl of colours at the center
Alignment: CG
Origin of Worship: Kobolds
Favored Weapon: Shortspear
Weapon of the Deity Spell: +1 spell storing shortspear
Domains: Chaos, Dream (SC), Good, Magic.

Azrien (AZ-ri-en) is a beautiful hero-goddess who recently attained apotheosis. She appears as a slender woman with long silver-gold hair and eyes that shift through all the colors of the rainbow (and a few not found on any conventional spectrum). Delicate translucent scales glitter on her skin, shifting in color from blood-red to mirror-silver depending on the light, and her face and arms are marked with numerous tattoos. Her garb is unpredictable, with the only common elements being a pair of lurid purple boots, and a long flowing cloak encrusted with sapphire dragon-scales. For a time, Azrien wielded the dread weapon ‘Mimicsbane’, a shortspear capable of slaying any foe it touched (especially mimics). It is not without some irony that Mimicsbane fell victim to a rust monster.

What she does now. Holy symbbol.

Azrien is closely allied with Trithereon and Zagyg, and respects the dragon deities and all deities of magic and knowledge, although her relationship with Wee Jas (and the Suel pantheon in general) is rather frosty. She is worshipped primarily by kobolds, and Kurtulmak dislikes her intensely as a result, although Azrien continues to try to befriend him. Azrien’s cult is strongest in the Bright Lands, although she has several prominent adherents among the kobolds of the Misty Isles.

Despite its relatively recent origin, Azrien’s cult has almost as many factions as it does worshippers: the goddess generally allows her devotees to worship her as they will. She is adamantly opposed to slavery and imprisonment.

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Conan the Barbarian claims to be the High Priestess of Azrien (or Azrinens, in her dialect) on this plane of existence, and any other. You’ve met Conan once, at the beginning of a Amidst the Mists and Coldest Frosts, and Illene bears her holy symbol, but other than that, you know very little about Azrien. Maesto Silverstreak did recognise the symbol, however.


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