The Boneheart

The Boneheart are the cleric and wizard advisors of Iuz, and are composed of two tiers, Greater and Lesser. There are six members of each tier, all of whom are constantly trying to outdo each other to gain favour in their deity’s eye. Boneheart are typically human, although there are known to have been exceptions.

Greater Boneheart

  • Null (male wizard)
  • Kermin Mindbender (male wizard)
  • Halga (female cleric)
  • Panshazek (male cleric)
  • Jumper (male wizard)
  • Althea (female cleric)

It is said that for his failures in the Greyhawk Wars, Vayne was demoted from Greater Boneheart to Lesser Boneheart, while Null took his place. Jumper was also promoted from Lesser Boneheart following the Greyhawk Wars, replacing the dead mage Ormuz, while Panshazek was the most recent promotion, filling a spot that had been vacant for a time.

Lesser Boneheart

  • Cranzer (male wizard)
  • Vayne (male wizard)
  • Waquonis (male wizard)
  • Maskaleyne (male human vampire mage)
  • Xenvelen (male cleric)
  • Earl Aundurach (male cleric)

Note that there are seven Lesser Boneheart listed. It is believed that Marynnek has perished, making room for Earl Aundurach, the most recent addition.


When King Belvor IV sundered the siege of Chendl and drove Iuz back northwards into the oncoming autumn of 584 CY, Furyondy was saved. In the battle, two of the twelve Boneheart were destroyed utterly:

  • High Priest Patch
  • The Mage Ormuz

Another Boneheart (Lesser) has not been seen recently; he is presumed dead:

  • Marynnek (male half-orc cleric)


Also directly serving the Lord of Pain are the Boneshadow, a secretive group of six assassins who roam the world performing his bidding. No member of the Boneshadow individually knows who the other members are, although Iuz has had them inadvertently working together (and against each other) in the past. The following are suspected to be past (if not current) members of the Boneshadow.

  • Lord Obmi (dwarf)
  • Keak (elf)
  • Sunifarel Brightrobe (half-elf)
  • Gleed (gnome)
  • Griswald Hairhand (halfling)
  • Lord Dorag (human)

The Boneheart

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