Lesser Bonerod


This insidious item is one favored by the clergy of Iuz and the chosen in his service. The item is made out of one single bone carved into the likeness of a skull totem the top of which is blood red. When created these rods have 20 charges and crumble to dust when used up. The rod has the following abilities.

  • Bone Shards – When used, the rod fires forth a cone of razor sharp bone fragments. This is a 30 ft. cone that does 6d4 points of slashing damage. A successful Reflex save (DC 13) halves this damage. Activating this ability is a standard action that costs 1 charge and may be used by anyone.
  • Bone Dance – When used, the rod casts animate dead per the spell as a 6th level cleric. These undead serve the wielder of the rod. Please note that while not an evil act in and of itself, the use of this power is often met with hostility by goodly forces. Activating this ability is a standard action that costs 2 charges and may only be used by those with animate dead available to them on their spell list.
  • Skull Activation – By holding the rod, the wielder can determine the power and effect of any skull found on the legendary Road of Skulls within 100 ft. In addition, if the wielder is a cleric of Iuz, the wielder may activate the special powers of any such skull within 100 ft. This is a standard action that does not expend a charge.

Value: 9000 gp (20 charges)


This rod came from a cleric in Dorakaa. They’d probably like it back.

Lesser Bonerod

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